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The Energy Provided by a Cup of Coffee in the Morning

Coffee is a beverage rich in antioxidants which slows down cellular aging. What are the other benefits of coffee?

Positivism and the Small Positive Things

The little things in our lives represent a great importance, because it teaches us to value the little things we have currently in our lives in order to realize that in many cases we have the motivation we need and at the same time we have everything.

Sight Problems and their Disadvantages

Many people with vision problems have different problems in their day to day life, trying to lead a normal life and in many cases depending on the degree of the vision problem they have, there are many more disadvantages as the problem progresses.

Using Technology in Architecture and It's Shortcomings

Technology has made architecture more understandable to ordinary people and builders, but what are the pros and cons of that technology

Bitcoin Institutional Market Makers are Beneficial to the Whole Ecosystem

Bitcoin Institutional Market Makers are beneficial to the whole economy.

Top 15 Authors

John Lambrechts

Founder. I have by now studied a lot of world history, Novels, economics, computer science, cryptography, blockchains. I am evolving my thoughts into longer form posts for reference into topics.

Emmanuel J. Barrera

Hi!, I am Emmanuel Barrera and I come from Venezuela. I am a polyglot tutor, writer and languages lover. I love learning and teaching languages since I was a child. I love writing and reading books.

Enrique Kournikova

Shahin Alam

Hey, This is Shahin from Bangladesh. I'd like to share anything about Science, Technology, Ideas, Research, Health. I also love to find problems and solutions.

motasem ayasrh

hey! I'm Motasem, from Jordan, I'm a student at the university and I study architecture, I like to write and research about architecture and arts

Hayder al Smadi

A physics teacher/ and researcher in the history of modern warfare

Naim Uddin Forhad

Naim is a scientist. He has a broad set of interests. He likes modern science, technology, art, philosophy and entrepreneurial thoughts and ideas. Contact email:

Md. Ferdous Joy

Hi, I am MD. Ferdous Joy from Bangladesh. I like to share knowledge about Food Nutrition, Health Tips, Cultural, Science, Technology, Lifestyle and some researchable topics.

Abdullah Aboccy

I'm 19 years old Translation student, interested in world's history, languages and economy.

Ariful Islam

Hi, I am Ariful Islam from Bangladesh .I am studying at department of Civil Engineering . I am passionate about mathematics , physics , science and technology , engineering etc .


Hey, I'm happy to see you here. I love exploring new things about life which we part of it. While you are reading my articles you will explore with me! Enjoy your journey!

Awlad Talukder Sumon

Hi ! I am Awlad Talukder Sumon. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I study at B.B.S. I am passionate about Management, Economics, Technology, Agriculture, History and Politics. :-

Comfort Ante

My name is Comfort Ante, I hail from Mbo in Oro local government area Akwaibom state in Nigeria. I am a face model, content creator and social media handler. I love to dance, write and try new things

Ezgi Sağlam

Hey! I'm Ezgi from space ı live in somewhere in world I'm a student at University Studying about science and education. I try to draw something . I'm interesting in art, basketball and write something

Anas Alomar

From jordan , Civil engineering student, Interested in history , literature, poetry and other things...

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