By 2025 we will have condo communities starting to migrate to DAO and all world infrastructures will heavily dependent on blockchain ledgers to distribute data, not only cryptocurrency tokens

A condo community in Florida for example has a board, they govern disputes, plan future improvements, and this is all done on antiquated technology with meeting minutes, printers, posted notes, etc.

Governments or the private police that replace them will use Blockchain ledgers to store crime statistics and you can track all views of the dispute, transmit records based on the digital signature of the Victim and Violator to people who need to know those records.

You will no longer have to be taxed for roads with cryptocurrency roads, schools, or emergency services.

If you do not use the road, school, or emergency services you would not be forced to pay the egregious sums on every tax they have invented.

Now, let's hypothesize that we have a base on Mars or have made frequency contact with other sentient planets.

Would it make sense to send paper and gold to other planets over the cosmic spectrum?

I think a cryptocurrency would be a sound alternative to transfer labor energy and capital investment to other planets. Paper and Gold are probably quite common on other planets. They can also be mined exponentially as space technology improves and planets are discovered. Also, harvesting paper and gold can harm the environment.

Now, let's go back to Earth. We have an interconnected world of devices we need to control on a daily basis. Soon our cars will be driving themselves, disputes will be handled themselves automatically, and your marriage registry will be published and automatically paid for out of your family and friend's Crypto wallet.

You could even share the gifts of Christmas or Winter Events this year on Hive for example and record your traditions on a blockchain so the world can see today and reward your content.

What I am looking forward to most by 2025 would be a 'Millenial' government which respects cryptocurrency and the financial advancements and creates a laissez-faire environment where incubation thrives.