About Us

Abdullah Aboccy

I'm 18 years old Translation student, interested in world's history, languages and economy.

Hi I'm Abdullah Aboccy

Ahmed gaid kossaila

My name is kossaila, a travler from Algeria, i'm a teacher of English language and a culture researcher, I'd like to share my traveling experience and culture perspectives with you

Hi I'm Ahmed gaid kossaila

Ali Hlayel

Hi, I'm Ali from Syria 23 years old I'm a student at university I'm studying English, I love learning languages and reading historical and political books. Alihlayel560@gmail.com

Hi I'm Ali Hlayel

Awlad Talukder Sumon

Hi ! My name is Awlad Talukder Sumon. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I study at B.B.S. I am passionate about Management, Economics, Technology, Agriculture, History and Politics. -mdawladtalukder@gmail

Hi I'm Awlad Talukder Sumon

Elif Jupiter Atik

Hey, I am Elif from Earth. I love exploring new things about cosmos which we part of it. While you are reading my articles you will explore cosmos with me! Also you'll find many of skin care secret!

Hi I'm Elif Jupiter Atik

Emmanuel J. Barrera

Hi. I am Emmanuel Barrera and I come from Venezuela. I am a polyglot teacher, writer and graphic designer. I love learning and teaching languages since I was a child. I love writing and reading books.

Hi I'm Emmanuel J. Barrera


Ahmed Mohammed, From Iraq, 18 years old, High School Student, Interested In History, Languages, Geography. Gmail : ahmed.enriiq@gmail.com

Hi I'm EnRi

Ezgi Sağlam

Hey! I'm Ezgi from space ı live in somewhere in world I'm a student at University Studying about science and education. I try to draw something . I'm interesting in art, basketball and write something

Hi I'm Ezgi Sağlam

Hayder al Smadi

A physics teacher/ and researcher in the history of modern warfare

Hi I'm Hayder al Smadi


I do art, music and some game development. Always loved learning and creating. Just want to left something valuable before I become a decaying corpse.

Hi I'm Hegel


I m from Algeria. I m a student of English language. I m 21 and i m interested in leadership, languages, cultures, philosophy, psychology, sociology and personal development and growth.


Indratej Reddy

Hi there! I'm Indratej Reddy, I'm pursuing my B.tech at Sphoorty engineering college, Computer science engineer, Ethical hacker, gamer, coder, motivator and PC build enthusiast and a content writer

Hi I'm Indratej Reddy

John Lambrechts

I founded this educational journey to help other people learn to self educate, collaborate around new information. I like to write about History, Computers, and Economics.

Hi I'm John Lambrechts

Karrar Al-Shakarchy

23 yrs old , Pharmacy student, Interested in Science ,history , and Technology ,writer, activist , contact me : krar1888877@gmail.com

Hi I'm Karrar Al-Shakarchy

Kyle Goldberg

@likes.this | Freelance photographer, videographer and editor.

Hi I'm Kyle Goldberg

Md. Ferdous Joy

Hi, I am MD. Ferdous Joy from Bangladesh. I like to share knowledge about Food Nutrition, Health Tips, Cultural, Science, Technology, Lifestyle and some researchable topics.

Hi I'm Md. Ferdous Joy

Meriem HAID

Hello! I'm a 21 year old pharmacy student from Algeria, who's also into art, psychology, history and science. I hope my content enlightens you.

Hi I'm Meriem HAID

motasem ayasrh

hey! I'm Motasem, from Jordan, I'm a student at the university and I study architecture, I like to write and research about architecture and arts

Hi I'm motasem ayasrh

Naim Uddin Forhad

Naim is a scientist. He has a broad set of interests. He likes modern science, technology, art, philosophy and entrepreneurial thoughts and ideas. Contact email: nuforhad1@gmail.com

Hi I'm Naim Uddin Forhad

Okan Döven

I'm Okan from Turkey. I like exploring new things, watching movies. I write about everything which I can research and absorb.

Hi I'm Okan Döven


Opidia from Paris France, Astrologer and Cryptos Lover I write articles about Cryptos based on Astrology and as a therapeute Naturopath i write about different health subjects

Hi I'm Opidia

Phil Lambrechts

The founders Dad. I am a professional pilot having earned my pilots license in 1976. I enjoy sharing articles about aviation, military, motorcycling, and personal fitness.

Hi I'm Phil Lambrechts

Ramzi Amziane

Hey guys! I'm Mohammed Ramzi From Algeria. Family and friends call me Ramzi. I usually write about my thoughts, stories, and my country's traditions My articles are occasionally in French! Enjoy them!

Hi I'm Ramzi Amziane

Saif A. Asaad Aljuboory

Hey there, I'm Saif from Great Iraq, I'm a translator at coursera.com and I'm interested in Tech, Languages, Programming, History, And FREEDOM.

Hi I'm Saif A. Asaad Aljuboory

Shahin Alam

Hey, This is Shahin from Bangladesh. I'd like to share anything about Science, Technology, Ideas, Research, Health. I also love to find problems and solutions. To contact: shahinalam1717@gmail.com

Hi I'm Shahin Alam

Sheikh Sajjad

Hello,This is Sajjad from Bangladesh.I am working for human rights and development.Interested in travelling,gain knowledge and help people.

Hi I'm Sheikh Sajjad

Tokey Sifullah Tanjil

I am Tokey Sifullah Tanjil. I am a Mathematician from bangladesh.I have knowledge about mordern science, math, python. And i like to share my knowledge about math.Contact email: tsifullaht@gmail.com

Hi I'm Tokey Sifullah Tanjil

Yahia boulahia

21 years old, i m really into science and philosophy, med student, i have a channel on youtube where i discuss the political issues in a scientific way.

Hi I'm Yahia boulahia


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