Modafinil or HSD is one of the trendy drugs currently used by students from Latin America and the Western world. It is a drug that stimulates the brain of humans specifically by treating conditions such as narcolepsy. Currently, it is a drug widely recognized and famous for its incredible ability to transform our brain and improve academic performance at the international language level. Studies and different articles claim that when taking the drug, people can speak different languages that have not yet been studied over time after a few hours of ingesting the drug. (Article continues below)

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HSD is usually sold under trade names like Concerta or Modelart, etc.. This drug is generally purchased with prescriptions but can also be purchased without a prescription from online stores. For instance, Amazon is allowing its international sale without special supervision. There are people with low-reputation private doctors who claim that this drug is sent as a prescription without concern for side effects under patients.

In the United States, the use of the drug HSD is much more significant to increase speech in a foreign language never before studied and some people are addicted to the drug. Different health institutions have voiced concerns in this matter. The drug leaves dangerous trails and side effects. Many vendors claim it possesses "no side effects" as it increases sales under the illegal Modafinil market.

The Modafinil or HSD drug possesses various side effects that are dangerous for any patient who ingests it in the short or long term, among the multiple difficulties to the human body caused as consequences or side effects are:

  • Facial paralysis
  • Itching on the skin
  • Tremors throughout the body
  • Outbreaks in the epidermis
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
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HSD is generally promoted under the illegal drug market as a smart drug capable of many things and especially of making the buyer speak of the drug "talk" various languages never studied before. Yet, many students have tried the drug to be able to increase concentration at academic activities. Many people are currently claiming that their side effects are virtually quite common and popular among different students. The latter party has claimed that for a period of time, they were able to speak various foreign languages without prior studies based on these languages.

Language experts state and confirm that a language cannot be executed, spoken or put in practice by being implemented without any prior study or instant learning. It is considered that the side effects on the people who ingest it are concentrated explicitly throughout the body. Being able to speak a foreign language is a process of progressive learning between students having contact with different cultures, sounds and ways of living. The effects of the drug have a short expiration period. From this moment, the side effects begin to occur as anxiety or depression and in many cases makes people forget pill a lot of essential things.

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The drug HSD has an addictive and dangerous design, but in turn, it has the advantage that while the effects of the drug last, the person may suffer mental disturbances; it also allows everyone to speak any language that is chosen. The pills are compressed and differentiated from each language with flags from different countries to speak Spanish, Mandarin, English, Basque, Portuguese, Italian, French, among others.

Modafinil or HSD drug is a drug or "cognitive" enhancer that, through strong substances prison des safe intelligence and the person who ingests the narcotic; different sources and vendors of the drug claim that it has no side effects to the person who ingests them.

This drug is dangerous to the human organism, defile of different ingredients that are not detected in the short term in the human body and in many cases, is a drug-off classified as a low-risk narcotic for the body, but the truth is different.

The consumption and augmentation of HSD increase the power of the internal intelligence of each one of us. It manages to considerably develop swift processing and capacity than that of ordinary people and an adaptation to new foreign languages in a perfect way. Many entrepreneurs, students, teachers and executives have tried the drug. Still, despite the benefits that are offered, there are different consequences and side effects that do not merit personal benefits or new opportunities to speak a language for more than 24 hours.

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HSD has been evaluated multiple times, and it is considered the first real smart drug and the only one of its kind, good enough able to make our brain use a foreign language in progressive function without having any sort of experience with the language firsthand. This despite the time passed there have been various criticisms and debates at higher scales that can turn themselves into a big problem, and in a place where skills are questioned for the use of a fluent language and with all results in a total interpretation or translation.

Currently, it should be noted that different sources up to the last year show that the University of Oxford initiated various studies and achieved a research case to be able to analyze the different phases and consequences that are obtained as a result of the increasing HSD consumption.

Many studies managed to analyze that there were different significant consequences for students and teachers who took the pill with little command over a foreign language to a perfect spoken language level without any mistakes. Finally, it took out different factors that ended up being compared in a before and after time.

It was confirmed that after the first doses, a volunteer started trying this drug called Benjamin Zand, this volunteer had claimed that he felt good. He managed to squeeze awake more and less tired than usual, after returning to another dose (second dose of HSD) he felt a little tired and considerably without energies, he also had claimed that he got distracted by multiple things and this made him confused and did not let him concentrate significantly on his general studies.

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In conclusion, the drug HSD is a dangerous drug/substance considered very strong and beneficial for many people because it improves certain brain functions and endows many skills to the consumer of it, it also produces amnesia. It nullifies any personal benefits after the use of 24 hours.

Everyone must take their precautions and should make sure to accept the consequences after ingesting the HSD drug that allows you to speak any language you want.

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