The English language has been considered the most widely used and spoken language around the world. There are so many educational institutions that have integrated the English language into their teaching and communication methods over time.

However, it is known that, learning the English language is fundamentally important in many fields.

In fact, the English language is considered an ally for many people in any field of work.

Learning the English language in the Latin American Continent has become an issue and also an activity related to: "an impossible task or challenge".

For many people, learning English may not be an easy task to be carried out over the years without any good education previously received in educational spaces.

listen up yall
English language is extremely important in the Latin American Continent.

It is important to highlight that, the English language is of utmost importance in the Latin American Continent since for many people who know English, it makes it easier to consult documents and important information in different pages that are meant to be read in English.

Therefore, for someone else who speaks Spanish and cannot understand or properly handle English as a foreign language this can become a completely impossible challenge.

First of all, English as a universal language is considered a spoken tool of communication for different cultures.

Without any doubt, nowadays, the English language has become a globally spoken language in excellence by many people, and also used in diverse fields of work.

The English language besides of being considered an universal language spoken in almost every country, it is the specific language mainly used and managed for business and applied research areas in certain spaces.

Demonstrating that, people who statistically have a good English or dominate it, increase their chances of getting a better job and have some advantages than other people who just speak 1 language don't have at all.

English language may be seen as an impossible obstacle for many Spanish-speakers.

Beginning to adress the issue that English must be learned by many Spanish speakers in Latin America for multiple reasons, it is important to emphasize that, in many Latin American countries, there aren't good English teachers capable of imparting decent English knowledge to their students.

In Latin America, there are just a few people who manage to learn English as a foreign language and achieve a general English fluency which may be suitable for their communicative and expressive development between a cultural exchange of any field, employment, business or marketing.

For many Spanish speakers, the English language can be seen as an obstacle, therefore, many people don't dare to investigate and seek more information related to learning English as a foreign language or as a second language during their free time.

English language manages to open an extensive line of interests as well as global and international communications.

Today, discrimination against Spanish speakers abroad is even more active, this is because a lot of people leaving their Latin American countries and traveling to any English-speaking country can't really speak the spoken language in these countries.

So, instead of learning it, they state and even consider that, English is a very complicated language to understand, learn and communicate.

English is international and this is the perfect word to describe this beautiful language.

A lot of Spanish speakers state as a fact that, learning English may seem as a fun and entertaining experience but many others affirm that, it can turn as well into a disappointing and embarrasing experience.

Beyond being a universal language, English is considered a very useful tool and also a cognitive advantage that employs its uses to facilitate knowledge and access to information of any kind in any area.

In society, by speaking English we can communicate our ideas and thoughts with different cultures on social and global levels with people from different countries all around the world.

It is a very useful tool that allows any human being to be able to express his or her different personal points of views from any angle.

Also, with English, we can learn and acquire any information from other sources or people, and this also helps us to meet people from other countries at an international level.

English as a global language has been considered a "window" or a "door" to the outside world.

For a person who does not speak English as his first language, learning English will ensure that "he" or "she" will have many advantages and will ensure that "he" or "she" will be able to extend and expand his/her knowledge, international and personal relations with the outside world; helping the person who decides to learn English to improve his or her knowledge management and memorize things more easily.

In many countries, even if it's only a small number of people who speak English, this language is spoken throughout the whole world.

Yet, learning English has professional and personal benefits including:

  • Improvement of opportunities in any country where speaking English is a requirement
  • To be able to travel to other countries and have the opportunity to study abroad, among other commonly known options such as tourism and business trips.

Having access to information in English and being able to communicate ANYTHING in this language has become a skill that has come to allow access to many sources of knowledge and technology to all people, coming to facilitate and enhance the development of: diverse ways of thinking and communicating creative ideas.