Every language nowadays is not impossible to learn but not so easily possible, every language requires a considerably general and dedicated effort to master a necessary and comprehensive fluency for any human being to communicate with other people.

Languages are forms of expression and communication, global and worldwide ways of expressing messages, ideas and ways of thinking.

Learning a language represents intellectuality nowadays and beyond that, learning a language is considered a hobby or a loving approach depending on each context that a person may have the need, inspiration or inclination towards a new language and its forms of communication.

Technology offers us and gives us everything at our fingertips, if we know how to employ and use technology to our advantage we can use all our efforts in a language over time. All human beings can be self-taught in any area, work or activity, it is just a matter of making an effort and enjoying what we do, such as learning a language.

Today's tools for learning a language are quite convenient, accessible and in many cases fun ways to learn through our own efforts. 

Today's language learning tools have advanced with the passage of time and are now considered massive support and support sources to provide the best for students who make the most of them, such as:

  • Duolingo
  • Memrise
  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Vocabulary.com
  • Youglish


Duolingo is a foreign language learning application, platform and program used specifically because it is totally free and offers very important roots in the beginnings of any student getting into a foreign language.

Duolingo's sole purpose and mission is to provide quality education specifically aimed at students from all over the world who cannot afford a foreign language education and prefer free levels in which they can learn vocabulary and advance considerably with practice, dedication and effort.

This platform has always been structured as a virtual game and worldwide many people have confirmed that it is quite useful when learning the fundamental roots in a foreign language such as:

  • French
  • German
  • English
  • Italian
  • Portuguese.
This company is also the creator of the famous Duolingo test which is currently being accepted by many universities in the United States for low-income students who cannot afford the TOEFL test or the IELTS test. This test and its certification is accepted by more than 2000 universities.

Foreign languages learned today

In the past there was not the amazing advancement that has been achieved today to improve the vocabulary in a language, to communicate decently and to acquire over time: a general fluency in a learned language.

Many of today's existing platforms that have the purpose of teaching students from all over the world a new language, have different innovative methods that simply didn't exist many years ago.

The educational process of foreign and modern languages has taken a big step that globally opens endless possibilities of new job opportunities for many students.


Memrise is a platform focused on teaching foreign language courses encouraging didactic learning.It offers different levels that advance as you pass learning new words, expressions and fundamental vocabulary in the basics of a foreign language.

This application is mainly used by students to reinforce the basics or knowledge in a foreign language through existing courses; one of the good things about this application is that although it has features that must be paid, you can still take advantage of many free features to learn through practical courses that simply require effort and good memory.

The impact of technology nowadays

This impact has developed different methods and ways to learn a language, even so, reading books in a foreign language and listening to songs, conversations and expressions to the maximum is still something extremely important to develop to the best the learning in a foreign language, nowadays, we have it all, we have the internet and the access to most of the information to learn what is necessary in a language.

Education and foreign learning is something constant and progressive, this means that the more we practice and deepen in a language, the more progress will be, constant evolution means that progress bears fruit and constancy and discipline are related to a good performance in learning a foreign language.
Nowadays, technology has advanced incredibly in relation to how foreign languages used to be learned by students years ago.

Technology greatly facilitates access to new sources of information to complement the basics of a language, grammar, phonetics and use of the language are the most important things for a good education based on effort and dedication.

Many of these tools have given students the possibility to strive and learn the basics and roots of a foreign language to continue growing in different areas of a language.


Dark Netflix and Chill from home
Netflix is a super important platform nowadays in charge of streaming everything from movies to shows and series suitable for all audiences.

Netflix is not an application that has the purpose of teaching foreign languages to students, many people use it as a method of learning foreign languages by which they can practice grammar, speaking and listening.

How is it possible to learn languages through a platform which sole purpose is to stream movies, series and shows?

Simple. Netflix gives you the option to change the audio on those that are available depending on your region. This platform has especially helped many students to improve their English levels through subtitles in their native language.
It also has helped many students to differentiate the order and structures of words in a foreign language.

Reading in a meadow

Learning languages from home is possible, conveniently, each person can read subtitles in a foreign language while listening to the audio in the native language or the other way around, listen to the audio in a foreign language and the subtitles in their native language. Many dialogues and conversations have helped thousands of students to improve their learning roots in a new language.