Though a civil engineer and an architect work on the same field or same project, there is some difference between a civil engineer and an architect. Both of them are involved in project planning and designing structures.

Many people get confused because they cannot see any difference between a civil engineer and an architect. The sole purpose of this article is to help them figure that difference. Let’s discuss the difference between a civil engineer and an architect. First, let’s get to know what is civil engineering! (Article continues below)

Civil Engineering
We know that engineering is science that cares about applying all sciencecivil engineering is trying to combine mathematics, physics, statistics, geology and chemistry in one discipline.

What is civil engineering?

Civil engineering is the oldest branch of engineering that deals with the design, construction management, and maintenance. They are responsible for the development and integrity of modern structures such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports and seaports, railways and highways, water projects, power plants, pipelines etc.[1]

After military engineering, civil engineering is the second oldest engineering branch. Civil engineering was used when humans first started living in permanent settelements. [1]

What is architectural engineering ?

Architectural engineering is a discipline that deals with the design, planning, construction, and aesthetics of the structure. An architect-engineer makes a project extraordinary.[2]

The History of Architectural Style: How It Began and How It Evolved
Quite simply, the architectural style is a set of features and features that enable us to easily identify any building. It may include materials used in construction or even the method of construction

Difference  between a civil engineer and an architect

  1. An architect is needed to enhance the external and internal beauty of a structure where a civil engineer ensures the structural stability and provide safety of the structure.
  2. Architects focus on the design and aesthetics of the structure which makes the project awesome. In contrast, civil engineers focus on how they build the building and ensure the safety of the building.
  3. If A civil engineer works on a project, there an architect may not work or has no work like roads, bridges, railways track etc. [3]
  4. A civil engineer works to increase the strength of the structure and architects toil to enhance the beauty of the structure.
  5. An architect provides design, but the civil engineer works on the design and makes the design reality.
  6. Civil engineering is much more profitable than architectural engineering. In 2018, civil engineers earned an average of $86,640 while architects made an average of $79,380.[4] [5]

Though there is some differences between a civil engineer and an architect but both of them depend on each other. A civil engineer rely on an architect and an architect depends on a civil engineer. Good bonding between them makes a project more productive and successful.

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4. Much Does a Civil,paid 25 percent made %2467%2C430.