Pinterest can be a great way to drive traffic to your site , with just a little optimization and strategy , you can build an audience and grow your business using Ads and promoting them with the EXACT keywords .

So what are pinterest keywords ? How to know exactly what kind of content to write ?

If you are looking for the best way to reach the EXACT people in order to sell your products or optimize your content , then you are surely in the right place .

Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. In terms of SEO, they're the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines .
and to understand what they want , Pinterest has a sort of algorithm that offers the searcher the right results , simply because Pinterest wants to be trusted !
The goal in keywording is to target your audience , and therefore you have to work on 3 main
levels : Profile , Pins & Board .

  1. Profile : This is your most important space and you should take advantage of ! Writing
    keywords all over your profile gives Pinterest an overview of what your content is about , and
    increases your account chances to be among the very first results pulled when someone
    looks for these keywords . there are 2 places you can add the keywords : Your Business
    name & Profile description , in the description you are allowed to use 160 characters , let
    people know what do you do and how you can serve them .
  2. Pins : there are 2 places aswell , title & description , the description is the suitable place to
    add keywords , so before even uploading the pin to your board , take all the time to filter out
    the best keywords for that pin . You can add Hashtags and use short sentences to tell people
    what your pin is about . Don't use more than 20 hashtags !
  3. Board : (Where you upload your pins ) This is the place where you tell the users what is the
    common point between the pins you are going to upload . Be selective and smart when
    writing your sentences , 2 or 3 are enough .

•What about Ads ?

Ads are a great way to grow your business , choosing keywords for your Ad is almost the most important step .
As you start , you should know that Pinterest allows you to use 20,000 keyword but the most important is quality not quantity . So you have to select keywords related to the ad you’re promoting .

For example, if you’re promoting Wedding Dresses , try targeting people searching for “ Wedding
dress ” or “ New wedding dresses ”.
For more precise control over which searches your ad appears or doesn’t appear in, Pinterest
offers you the option of keyword match types that we will explain later .
First , you log into your Pinterest account , choose Create ad then choose Targeting , it's where you
write your own list of keywords in the empty box separating them with a comma .

If you want to use keyword match types, format your keywords to specify your match type:
broad match, “phrase match”, [exact match], -”negative phrase match” or -[negative exact
• Broad match is a large field of results , as you write Wedding dresses your pin will appear
in : Elegant wedding dress 2021 , Modest wedding dresses , how to choose your wedding
dress ...
• "phrase match" is more selective , your pin will be found in : Wedding dresses ideas ,
Wedding dresses location ..
• [exact match] The pin field is very limited : Wedding dress , Wedding dresses .
• -"negative phrase match" The pin will appear in other research results except the "wedding
dress " ones .
• -[negative exact match] It's the same as the previous one but obviously more selective and
strict .
Once complete, select your Budget & Schedule, Optimization & delivery and Ads

Other ways to use keywords :

•The image :
When uploading your image , give it a proper name using the keywords you selected , so instead
of uploading Cam87_2020.jpeg change it to Beautiful-wedding-dress.jpeg

•The URL :
Make sure your main keywords are included in your URL .

Know Your Pinterest Audience :
If you’re stuck on which keywords to use, start with a simple list. Think about the shortest sentence a research can use to look for your product or content , then think about the most
complicated one , divide them into words and choose the most suitable ones to be used as
keywords .
Make sure to use the Milotree app to convert people who are clicking on your pins to Pinterest
followers , if they appreciate your content and follow you on Pinterest , Do your best to make  them stick around .