Financial freedom also known as laissez-faire, classical liberal economics, and lack of political interference. The restraint it takes to achieve a state of financial freedom in one's life consists  of knowledge of Contract law and Good Habits with technology.

Contract Law

Achieving any sort of Employment requires an understanding of the contract you are set out to achieve to fulfillment. for example, this is the basis of all legal framework for your Employment.

Contracts become important when entering any sort of credit also known as debt obligation as well. Those types of contracts include at first for a normal young adult to build financial freedom are:

  • A Major Credit Card to build your credit score internationally

  • A Bank account to fund the credit company

  • Alternatively you can bank completely on Crypto with , and hopefully have a source of income in Cryptocurrency to be able to transact without needing a Fiat bank account. This is becoming possible in places like El Salvador and Miami, and all across the world you can use a service called

Good Habits and Technology Security

  The best way to track  your spending habits is utilizing services that track your spending ledger and investments.

For other tools you can use GnuCash if you are lucky enough that your bank provides you with an exported statement you can work on once a month.

 Balancing your Investment portfolio with bellwether names with strong supply chains in Stocks is quite wise long term. Bitcoin and Ethereum have become the bellwethers of the Crypto-coin blockchain currencies, as well as a whole new breed of icoins like Filecoin and Internet Computer which will be actually better setup than standard DNS and centralized hosting. It will also preserve the internet to Infinity and Beyond.

The world is loving banking on Crypto, but Technology Security is important when achieving success in anything rivaling the wild west; but in the Digital world.

I hope this helps achieve the basics, this is how I have done it.