Released yesterday by Egyptian Officials who boasted about their attack on a Egypt man, who let's call "Earth Man with Space Money".

"Earth Man with Space Money" was mining cryptocurrencies in the desert of Egypt. Providing access to investors and also growing his own portfolio of crypto holdings.

"Earth Man with Space Money" now is in jail in Egypt.

The jailing of people who are on the frontier of the new technology, Blockchain, mining, etc is ludicrous. Egypt would like you all to use their Egyptian pounds, whether or not the market decides to deal in cryptocurrency.

Penalty for World Currency Manipulators and Thieves

The Super Company will be guillotining any Earthling who is involved in broad scale Manipulation, Theft, or Seizure of national currencies.

In this case, that would be the Egyptian Central Bank Owner's who ordered this attack.

I will update you on this case when I have access to the Earth's Brain recordings, and also have facts on who needs to die in Central Banks around the world.

The guillotining will be happening in Galveston, Texas, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania after their brain recordings are exposed to all of Earth.

No thieves disguised as central bankers will be tolerated on Earth any longer. Those are the true Slave Owner's left on Earth... enslaving you with Debt and Inflation.