This is question that always leaves our mind in confusion , if you ask this question to a nerd, programmer, and tech enthusiast , well the most common answer is that "To make our life easy or to make our job easy!"

Now you may ask me a question that so you think Humans are lazy? Well, I mean Humans are smart but we all have to do repeated and boring tasks, let me illustrate this with an example: let us assume that you're working for a food factory and your job is to pack the food items in a tray bag, if you're new to the job, you will be fine with that job because it is new for you and your mind wants to learn it.

After some days you start hating your job because you're doing the same task again and again that there is nothing new that interests you or motivates you to do it. So, here comes the picture of machine (i.e computers) where we program machine to do all the boring tasks or boring jobs for us.

Moreover when it comes machines, machines are faster than humans in terms of production. In the above example let us assume that human takes 5min to finish his/her job but where as  machine can complete it's job in 2 min, so choosing machine over humans is the best choice.

Now... you may fear that humans may lose their jobs ? The answer is no, because "Machines may be faster than humans, but not smarter than humans".

Always remember that we are the one who programmed machines to do particular task or to perform particular job and we are calling it as Computers, no matter how advance the technology gets there is always the need for humans, because "Humans are creative beings not machines" machines only works on the algorithm.

Algorithm in the sense that it contains some steps or set of instructions to solve a specific problem, that is given by programmers (i.e Humans), which means we write few lines of instructions in the form of code that is understood by computers or machines to do that job, but if we try to assign  a new job to that machine, it may not work, because we have designed or programmed the machine to perform that one particular task (like in the above example).

Let us assume that we have built a machine to perform the packing of food items into the tray bag:

If you try to use that machine for different job like printing a labels on books it won't work  but we humans can do it, yes it may take time to learn new things for us... but some how we learn and we do it. That creates endless opportunity.

There may be loss of boring jobs but we humans get more opportunities in different jobs, where we have to think differently or think out of the box to solve the problems it can be related to the climate change,agriculture,medicine etc..

That's why there is vast increase programming , architecture design jobs etc. because those jobs need more creativity and talent which is lack in robots or computer, computer can solve a math problem quickly but it may not design or program things like we do.

Now you think about Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning that will take away jobs.

There is nothing like that, programmers use patterns, patterns are like solution to a problem just like Algorithm, once we know how to solve a problem, we just use that method to train machines or computers and programmers call it models and programmers who train these machines with these models are knows as machine learning scientist.

More Jobs, higher paying, all to do this machine learning data, they take input data and out data, based on input and output data they use the algorithms to train the machine learning data, so there is always need for humans to make new algorithms to solve the problems that we face in real life.

Here is some of my code which does simple summation math:

import re
k=input("enter the file name")
if len(k)<1:
for i in o:
    if l==None:    
for i in l:
This script to add all the numbers in text file and gives the summation of all the numbers in file.

Advantages of having machines or computer:

  • To avoid boring jobs
  • To avoid repeated tasks
  • To increase productivity
  • More time for research study
  • For solving problems better solutions with low cost
  • Can be used in agriculture, medicine etc

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