Since I started working at Utopia, I have wanted to write about this topic that affected a stage in my personal life, the get-rich-quick trick.

I am a person so ambitious that my worst nightmare is death and getting out of this life and I have not fulfilled my dreams and aspirations and this is what made me seize every opportunity that comes before me as a way to fulfill my ambitions. Big ambitions take a lot of effort and time to implement. They need a lot of willpower, so you cannot fulfill your ambitions just because you want to. You have to work and struggle to get there.                                

In the beginning, every person on this earth aspires to be wealthy and comfortable financially, "this dream is in the personality of every human being". But man also by nature wants everything easy, but there is no getting rich quick and easy. You must develop your own skills and creative thinking that you use in your best interest to achieve what you want.‌‌

I'll cover several topics in this article, namely: Some people are taking advantage of your ambitions to make money, the Ponzi scheme, and my personal experience within those groups.‌‌

  • The exploitation you to get your money

This may be, directly or indirectly, I mean by this that the person who talks about this and tries to convince you may be aware of what he is doing and it may be a brainwashed person - And I will talk about this through my experience -, there is the main rule in these transactions, which is "whoever wants to He changes your life, he does not convince you of any way to do it, and everything he does is only for his good.‌

This may happen as a result of "good faith." This person may want to make you benefit with him - he sees it as an opportunity for you and for him - he does not know that behind his work it is a very big fraud.‌‌

Ponzi scheme "fraudulent" hierarchical marketing‌‌

Hierarchical marketing is one of the illegal marketing methods in the whole world, and it is one of the easiest methods of deception for companies to sell their products to people and profit more quickly, and it is an internationally prohibited method where the owners of companies that use this method are held accountable on charges of fraud.‌‌

Many companies use this method, but now you will ask why they are not arrested if it is prohibited?‌‌

Well, before I answer this question - I will tell you this information - marketing is divided into several types, some of which are legitimate, such as network marketing, and some that are illegal, such as pyramid marketing.‌‌

The answer to the question is that most companies or all hierarchical marketing companies hide behind the term "multi-level network marketing."

Or it is a "multi-level bilateral network marketing system", but there is a big difference between them, which is:‌‌

  • Network Marketing

It is based on selling useful, used, and useful things and also taking only a commission on products and sometimes on people who enter the same network to become merchants and every person can establish his own network‌‌

  • Hierarchical Marketing

This type is based on marketing for things that do not have an actual value and a person can never benefit from them, such as digital currencies such as: previously onecoin and currently dagcoin - I do not mean by it dogecoin that is on the coin market cap - which has no real market value, it is a statement An illusion, This type may resemble the previous type, but it works on a hierarchical system, so you cannot get the interest until you bring people to fill the blocks at the next level. There is no separate network at all, all of which work to benefit the people at the top of the pyramid.‌‌

Ponzi scheme 'Fraudulent'

It is a form of fraud against people where customers are told that there are sales, and they will return you profit after being extended, and they are also selling literally “nothing”. And that the profits come through defrauding more people and that the money comes from the investors, not in the products, and the Bouncy scheme remains to maintain itself as long as there are new investors who contribute new money for investment and also do not demand payment in a short time, and the investors believe that what they invest in is assets other than the existing ones that they allegedly own it.‌‌

  • Ponzi scheme work mechanism

The premise of the Ponzi scheme is "Peter stealing money to pay Paul". In the beginning, investors are dealt with that the returns are too large to attract and motivate them to invest more money, and when more participants are attracted, the returns turn to support the first investors from the money of new investors, "which is not a real profit" and to keep the scheme effective for as long as possible, trying those who manage this The process of reducing withdrawals by introducing new cash plans and whereby investors cannot transfer funds.‌‌

  • Ponzi scheme “red flags”

According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission


Many Ponzi schemes share common characteristics. Look for these warning signs:
High returns with little or no risk. Every investment carries some degree of risk, and investments yielding higher returns typically involve more risk. Be highly suspicious of any “guaranteed” investment opportunity.
Overly consistent returns. Investments tend to go up and down over time. Be skeptical about an investment that regularly generates positive returns regardless of overall market conditions.
Unregistered investments. Ponzi schemes typically involve investments that are not registered with the SEC or with state regulators. Registration is important because it provides investors with access to information about the company’s management, products, services, and finances.
Unlicensed sellers. Federal and state securities laws require investment professionals and firms to be licensed or registered. Most Ponzi schemes involve unlicensed individuals or unregistered firms.
Secretive, complex strategies. Avoid investments if you don’t understand them or can’t get complete information about them.
Issues with paperwork. Account statement errors may be a sign that funds are not being invested as promised.

My personal experience with hierarchical marketing‌‌

It was more than a year ago, one of the people close to me invited me to join him in a project that might be profitable in the short term and the long run, and at that time I did not care much about cryptocurrencies and marketing and I did not have any information about that.

I went through several stages until they convinced me to enter with them in this investment, and the investment was the purchase of his digital currency‌‌

  • Exploiting the person's feelings

As I mentioned earlier that every person has a desire to become financially comfortable or "rich in the explicit meaning of that", so they began to motivate you that "this digital currency is the next bitcoin and it will crush Bitcoin, so exploit it while it is still in cents" and in fact, it has no value Then, he shows you after that that this currency came with very advanced technology than Bitcoin, so it will become at the forefront of currencies.


And before all this, they give you the advantages of digital currencies and then attract your attention to their currency, which is still of little value.

"And it has no value in the first place since they only sell you an illusion."‌‌

  • The company is legal and global

They show you that the company has branches all over the world and this indicates its legality, and then they show you some papers that have no value at all that you can buy only for 100 euros from any European country (which is the MTR certificate) from Estonia, I asked about it and searched on the Internet and found that Estonia's license is the easiest ever and with only 100 euros, you can cheat more than two million dollars or more.‌‌

‌                                             ‌

  • Product price change (currency)

To attract the investor's attention more, it is shown that this currency has increased by more than 300% during a year, and as I said, prices are the ones who control it and the currency is a number that has no value‌‌

  • What you can do with this currency

The marketer introduces you to some of the "what they call the ecosystem" wallets, digital stores, smartphone apps, etc. - and I guarantee you that nothing in it is right or working well - there are many loopholes in doing everything in it.‌‌

After all these steps make you buy the product, other steps remain to convince you and make you a marketer‌‌

Here, the role of hierarchical marketing has become "or what they consider to be multi-level network marketing"‌‌

To make you a marketer who exploits your emotions and aspirations, and this is the weakness of every person's personality‌‌

  • Attract two people, make them marketers, and place them on the right and left‌‌

This is one of the most common sentences I heard when you were with them when you make two marketers in your network multiply your profits in addition to your profit from buying the currency.‌‌

  • Awards and ranks

This they give to the people who have the most influence on the hierarchical marketing network, ranging from cars, homes, trips, high-end hours, and others.‌‌

  • The stage of brainwashing and changing thoughts

This stage is the most dangerous, as they give lessons on how to talk with people to attract them to invest with you, and this greatly affects your life, as they make all the people you know on your list and make you look at them as opportunities to benefit from them.‌‌

They even teach you how to talk to them, what to tell them, and what not to tell them. If you tell them something outside of what they want, it will affect their chances of exploiting the person.‌‌

  • Beware of them they will ruin your life

When you become a marketer with them, they fill your brain with toxic thoughts and make every person you love as their opportunities and means to fulfill your desire to become rich.

After that, you may lose everyone you love, you may go to prison, and you may be brought into fraudulent cases, you lose your respect in front of people and in front of your friends and relatives, and your dream, ambition, and life will turn into hell - Beware of them -‌‌

Do not invest in any company, stock, or business before taking sufficient information about it, and if there is a lot of criticism, especially from people with knowledge, and specialists - whatever happens, do not invest in such matters -‌‌

Work hard on yourself ...

And develop your skills ...

Achieve your ambition ...

Save your life and who you love‌‌

Thanks for reading.

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