It is so risky to apply new processes that are designed to solve any problem for humans primarily. Because, we don’t have any ere ideas about how that is going to work. And no human usually is going to allow him putting in such an experiment like this. This is why a variety of animals are used in scientific research. Well, you know mice and rats are commonly used as a 'subject' in any experiment in physiology or medical science. Even according to the Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR), approximately 95 percent of all lab animals are mice and rats. Won’t you surprise why mice and rats are typically used for research work? well, so in this article we will come up with those key reasons why scientists prefer mice and rats over any other animals for research.

Genetically :

First and foremost, genetically similarities draw the attention. According to geneticist Koshland Science Museum, 90% of the genes in mice are remarkably similar to those in humans. Further,there are similarities between the various organs of the human body and the organs of the mice. That is why it can easily be determined the effects of different drugs on humans that can arrive. Moreover, rats and mice may be genetically modified. Their specific genes can be turned on or off. So the changes can easily be observed as a total result. These mice and rats help to create a "mapping model" of human painful disease.

Fertility :

One of the most convenient things is that it’s fertility. Even though they survive for a very short life timeline, they can reproduce and live much faster than other animals. As consequence, it is possible to conduct research on several generations of mice and rats in a short period of time. That is so helpful for research in progressing.

Easy operating and transporting :

Mice and rats are naturally smaller than other mammals. This makes it easy to operate and transport them well. And this also helps to let research go on smoothly. As an animal needs to go through many experimental situations it’d be so difficult if any big animals are chosen. Rather for the rodents the space is less but the problem is not created. In that case, it is possible to keep many mice and rats together. This point helps out scientists to use them straight forwardly.

Adapting to new environment quickly :

Mice and rats can adapt to new environments faster and easier than any other animals. Whither other animals have to spend a lot of time adapting to the environment,mice and rats do not have to. So the experiment and it’s result can be put out promptly.

Low Cost :

The price of mice and rats is much lower than other animals. There are many companies that work commercially for selling mice and rats. It is possible to have many mice at a glance by low cost. So far, mice and rats have been used in numerous studies related to diabetes, cancer, AIDS, heart problems, etc. And still many researches are in progress based on rats and mice.

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