The inflation rate is increasing at a rate of about 1.5 to 3% (on average) every year. You know what that means? The value of your money deposited in your bank account is declining at the same rate each year. This is not too much of a decay, however it has to be considered that interest rates are crossing into the negative ; not just that you lose value via inflation, you will lose real money just by having it in the account.

So, you may think, whilst reducing interest level might sound like better but which is completely wrong sometimes. Even if there is a tiny % of interest, it might have the equal negative effect as same as the high % of interest. It is more dangerous when your interest rate is less but tax is so high. So, eventually you will loss the value of your money for sure. Better is to have some precise materials instead just saving the whole money in the bank account. You could buy gold, silver, land instead.

Inflation - Pic From Pixabay

In any system, a resource has to be remunerated. Unfortunately the financial resource is not just not remunerated, but even taxed at the very end. This sends a clear message - they do not need your money. You do need them for payments. And they tax the use of their service.

The condition of the banking systems will worsen within a few years or decades. Alternative currencies, on the other hand, will be used everywhere. Now, it is the question what will those alternative currencies be? Find that out by yourselves. The value of Gold, Silver, Land will increase for sure. Now the countries who will own those alternative assets, they will have the chance to at least survive in the world ; economic power is shifting to the production powerhouses as China and as the world becomes “greener” even the oil rich arab countries are endangered. Thus countries using alternative, age old assets to back their currencies will have a better chance in the years ahead. Doesn’t matter what they implement extra then. Now, look at what country is ahead to that.

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Now my question is, what will happen with the people in poor countries ? Poor countries, and even some more developed ones, are milked off resources and national income by corporations which externalize the profits. How will poor people survive when it becomes harder, day by day ?

Now, imagine! Those people who can’t even bear three meals a day? Well, there will be a slave era once again back on the earth, as feudalism might make a comeback in the technocratic era. Entropy will reach the high peaks. These will gradually lead to the Day of Resurrection.

Dajjal - Pic From Pixabay

Now another question may arise, will we stay sitting with our hands folded? No. We need to learn as much as possible so that we do not easily fall into the trap of the Dajjal. You know that the keys of all powers will be distributed to those bad guys who will be your behind to push you to fall into the trap. So, start learning so that you can also help people for not to be caught into their nets easily.

However, regardless of financial adaptability, there won't be too many worldly hedges against the Dajjal, who will take over every aspect of life in society, including the use of money, being tied to a vaccine or an implant. For this reason, poor people are more advantaged, especially those living in warm countries, because they’re more adapted to a low standard style of life than city dwellers. City dwellers have no resources for living outside of anything that is financially accessible, things that will be tied to their submission to the Dajjal.

City dwellers own nothing. Their homes at most. But power requires money, food requires money and so on. With the prospect to require more than money in the near future - that is, social submission under a “social rating” system. And beyond the lack of resources, they also lack the skills and the will to live a simple life. While poor people can live pretty well as long as they have animals, especially hen and cows, for eggs and milk on a daily basis. And if they’re living in a warm country they won’t need too good shelters. Those living in harsh cold countries will have extra problems to deal with.

Cow Riding - Pic From Pixabay

But at some point the system will try, as it happens in Europe now, to remove all access to home grown food. That is, they will kill or seize animals that are people’s property, under any excuse - see bird flu - just to leave them without any other source of sustenance than what is provided by the government. For this reason, people will need to isolate in the mountains, in small groups, and live far from the prying eyes of authorities.

Thanks AND Regards,

Muhammad Shahin Alam and Bogdan Caramalac.