In this time of central bank run economies there are still ways to profit. You have upcoming projects like crypto/DeFi and time tested rare assets like precious metals. Then you have legal tender, and financial securities.

Those are the four asset classes you need to be aware of for the next millenia.

  1. Cash/Legal Tender
  2. Precious Metals
  3. Financial Securities
  4. Crypto

Legal tender is bound to depreciate over time but the other 3 are based on market principles and not whims of the paper press.

So, to profit during the mess and diversify your portfolio, you need Blue Chip assets in each of those 4 classes. These 4 asset classes are liquid between each other and the liquidity moats are being bridged.

I recommend a portfolio of Blue Chip Currencies such as the Dollar.

Blue Chip cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Blue Chip Metals which are marketable worldwide such as Gold, Silver

Financial securities which are highly liquid and have a positive EPS.

The real money is also to be made when you allocate by capital weighting in each 4 asset classes depending on the market. Also known as trading.

For example, in an uncertain market right from the pandemic combined with the result of Socialism being taught in schools. Now we have millions of unemployed college graduates and a severe imbalance of tech workers to low paid workers. Some of which have nothing better to do to than tear down businesses, murder, and ask for more handouts from the system which has enslaved them.

The US financial markets may tumble or we will have hyperinflation. Businesses are always essential, and some are making huge strides, so even in a crisis you shouldn't lose eyes on the businesses doing good things.

It might be smart to have a little cash on hand to invest in businesses doing good things for the planet. These companies have a lot of inertia and same with the cryptocurrency space. People are losing faith in the Fiat system with World Bank, IMF, Central Banks everywhere manipulating for the gain of the connected.

Trump refers to the connected as the swamp and I wish he was more confident to speak out against the World Banking Cartels leading this swamp show.