English today is a universal language that is almost obligatory at any level, especially at work in different parts of the world since English is fundamental in personal, professional, or academic life. English is used in the economic field, international commerce, tourism, diplomacy and global industry. If we check statistics, Mandarin Chinese is one of the most spoken languages globally due to the number of inhabitants of China since it is estimated that there are more than 198.7 million speakers of Mandarin Chinese, but only within China. Spanish, on the other hand, has 463.0 million native speakers, making it the second most spoken language in the world with 537.9 million speakers. Although English is the first and second language with 898.4 million speakers, it is spoken by more than 1.268 billion people worldwide.

Some different characteristics and factors have helped English to become a globally universal language. For example, a third of the world's books are published in English, and 75 percent of the scientific literature is written in English. It is the language of online communication since 40 million people use the Internet, which means that 80% of people currently communicate in this language. English is also communicated by international treaties in maritime and air communications. It is the official language of the United Nations, the European Union, and most international athletic organizations, including the Olympic Committee.

Learning a Foreign Language Using Self-taught Tools
A foreign language welcomes us from many perspectives; it helps open up new job opportunities. We can’t always visualize ourselves having a lot of money and investing exorbitant amounts at different levels, courses, or ways to learn languages to communicate.

Anyone who wants to learn English has to practice reading books, listening to English native speakers, watching videos and movies with or without subtitles. It's better when a student or a beginner is informed about the progress and starts making little efforts to learn easy stuff and then advances to more challenging things. We know that English is essential when you travel to another country where you need to speak English once you arrive in that country, you also need to speak English if you're going on a vacation to a foreign country where English has to be spoken. It's also important to know that English, as it is a widely spoken language, is one with the most vocabulary worldwide. Tourists, students and teachers consider that it is imperative to know English when you travel to another country or if you want to become a Bilingual Speaker. If you are a tourist and you don't manage English probably, it is going to be hard for you to go shopping, ask for an address or to get on a bus as a way of transportation. Also, that any person who speaks English will have many more chances of finding a job than anyone else who might not speak English fluently.

If we are also going to university studies and academic studies, we know that English as a second language is a crucial tool for academic success and different jobs and career opportunities. Learning English is a necessity nowadays because it is a requirement for most careers worldwide, and it is used in the study of almost all academic areas. Today, English is quite essential since it is used in many areas of knowledge and human development. It can be said that English is a universal language in the new era of globalization.

It is even said that those who do not master the English language would be at a clear disadvantage in front of another person who masters it perfectly, as it would a situation where they were deaf or illiterate mute people.

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English is a tool that allows people to have open doors and open opportunities in different places around the world. The English language opens up communication opportunities with people from other countries. It can also be said that English has become the universal language of excellent communication and even one of the most used languages all over the world. It is the official language or second language in at least 75 territories around the world.

Today, more than ever, it is essential to learn English as a second foreign language, since it is being used more and more in almost all areas of knowledge, making it very important and prominent in different countries. English is the most spoken language, globally. More than a quarter of the world speaks the language, and English is understood and spoken by over 1000 and 1600 million people worldwide. We can also affirm that English is the language of international business as it is used in various global business locations predominantly in the financial centers of the United States, London and the United Kingdom. English has long been the default language of business because many native English speakers are not the first to learn another foreign language.

We also know that a lot of people prefer and love, mostly listening to English music nowadays. Also, most of the movies produced and exported to all over the world are in English. Part of this is because the Hollywood company is an inexhaustible source of entertainment and world production of movies, English became the primary language for the creation of film in Hollywood. In fact, English is not generally accepted as one of the most challenging languages you can deal with. English is also related to many other languages as English has a long and fascinating history, including invasions, wars and different influences around the world. Many of the cultures that have contributed to the formation of modern English are between Roman, French and Viking. This is one reason why English is a hybrid language composed of Latin Germanic elements and Romance languages.

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