It started with recommending a survey of the Disaster Center, where it mentioned the US population and number of crimes in 1960-2019. It's because I am bringing this list to have a wide range of views on how the crime rates are increasing with the blink of an eye. There are various types of crime, but today I will focus on the rape issues. If you look at the statistics of RAINN, every 73 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. Can you imagine that? 1 out of 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. [1]

Alright, I will leave some root reasons why the rape case is increasing and how it can be reduced at a high rate.

Injustice and the lack of justice

Injustice and the lack of justice are among the main reasons for the increase in rape cases. These two can take place in several ways. For the injustice part, it could happen like when a rapist doesn't get punished or compromised. Typically, the punishment is reduced or even redeemed with a pair of money. Sometimes, the incidents of the accused are covered up in various ways. If all high-ranking police officers and lawyers stay in the pocket of powerful people, it's easy to commit any crimes for them. They pretend like that didn't have done anything wrong when those shit things have happened. It is also an ordinary matter that when the victim goes to the police or a local to seek a case or trial, they are harassed in different ways. Like, their families are threatened if they pass on any abusing event to anyone else et cetera. So, these are some of the examples of injustice.

For the lack of justice, it may be that the justice system is very weak. For instance, convicts are not well punished. Sometimes, the government delays too much time to conduct a punishment session for the convicts. As a result of waiting a lot of time, many are also released out of sight. The rape case is increasing due to not immediately arresting the accused and bringing them under the law. When just the money is set as a punishment, this doesn't make much reasonable sense anymore. Let me give you an example, you do really know the UK’s criminal justice is broken.

According to the Grown Prosecution Service’s Violence against Women and Girls report, rape figures showed that the number of suspects referred for a charge of rape by the police has fallen by 22.8%, charges for rape have fallen by 38%, prosecutions have been fallen by 32.8% and the number of convictions have fallen by 26.9% from 2017 to 2019. [2] In contrast, number of rape offences recorded in UK's at a high numbers. [3] Rape cases could have been greatly reduced if the accused had been publicly punished severely. If you look at countries with severe punishments for rape, the rate of rape is surprisingly low.

The decay of ethical values

Society and crime analysts say that globalization's adverse effects are increasing the moral decay in society. The misuse of information technology incites the general public to commit adultery, immorality, adventurous misdeeds, etc. This is affecting the lower class population more. Crime is on the rise among them. As a result of globalization, people are getting acquainted with subcultures. The media is also playing a severe negative role regarding this. If you see, almost all tv series, films, dramas are somehow promoting adultery, illegal relationship, Illegal sexual intercourse et cetera. People started thinking these immoral relationships are normal to commit. The illegal physical relationship is increasing at high rate day by day. Some people are getting triggered through these to commit rape to full fill their sexual needful. As a result of the erosion of these moral values, the rate of rape increases at a remarking rate every year.

Free-roaming and clothing curtains

I know some people might have some arguments to pose against these. Most of the people who make arguments about this, raise that "mentality" is everything. Yeah, I agree with this. But don't you guys know various factors influence this mentality? Like for example, free-roaming badly has terrible effects on the opposite sex. Some clothing adds sexual excitement unknowingly. So, will you say "mentality" is everything and ignore those factors? Or will it be more reasonable to cut down those factors from the roots? Use your brain. Yes, I agree that these are not the only reasons for the rape shit. Lets look at what research says about it, a research published in the research gate mentioning, women's clothing attracts or indicates mens sexual interest. Its so true. They conducted this observation by 108 men to see if there was any sexual desire of men on the women clothes. And research says, yeah women seductive dresses have some sort of negative effects on the men's thinking and it is sexually linked up.

Now, let me say you that yeah, I agree its mostly the problem of the rapists and the rapists minds (and for the mind, many factors have negative effects on mind, none won't want to have those factors in themselves to fall in risk more). Dress is a kind of catalyst somehow for being molested. But not the only factor of being rapped.

But whether you agree or not, if you dive deeper into researching this, you will find these harmful mentality and committing sexual crimes are literally linked up through these factors. The vulgarity that feminists are spreading in the name of freedom is no secret to anyone. I am never saying that women's clothing is the only responsible for the rape. But the funny thing is that you can't show a society where women go out wearing obscene clothes while men are very restrained and the rate of rape is shallow. Basically, a community in which women come out in obscene clothing is a common feature of a country with a high rape rate. Don't believe? Start comparing !!

Pornography, Drug Addiction, Masturbation

Pornography, drug addiction, musterbation are distorting the human brain. Psychologists say unsatisfactory sexual desire, nude posters on the walls, drug addiction, nudity, pornography incitement to rape women in society through rape scenes in movies, and use of women as commodities increase the trending of rape cases. The posterior brain controls addiction to pornography. A feature of this part is that it cannot compare with the real and unreal matters. If a man cannot consider evil to be evil, then there is not much difference between him and a mice. Pornography allows thousands of women to watch sex scenes.

A journal has published in International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience, mentioned that how sex offenders use pornography to support their deviant and violent fantasies which in turn support deviant and violent behavior. They have also added that almost every sexual offender used to be a porn addicted. [3]

As a result, every time a man sees a new woman, he becomes sexually more aroused than before, tasting the desired object. Which at one time reached an extreme stage. This desire, a hormone called dopamine, regulates instinct. This is the dopamine, which also releases for the rest of the things. Musterbation is a kind of addiction. When too much dopamine is released, the victim feels to jack off immediately or become a member of unreal fantasy. Then people attempt to enjoy softcore to hardcore pornography one after another. This way, he doesn't get that much feeling on the same things again and again. He wants something more attractive that releases more dopamine. And finally, it causes to happen illegal physical relationships with others or commit rape somehow.

For reducing the rate of rape cases, there is no way to neglect above these root reasons. So, cognitively try to implement some good steps using my above information to reduce the rate at a good record.


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