Like every other country, Nigeria may have good, bad, and ugly sides to it. But asides from the negative aspects, there are positive aspects which makes us Nigerians stand out as well. Surprising how it is that, it's the members of the country that often complain about the negative portrayal of the country in the international media which often focuses on corruption, violence and bad governance.

The fact that a Nigerian anywhere is always proud to be Nigerian can be very surprising but truthfully, there are reasons why we Nigerians will always be proud to be called so despite everything that has been happening and is still happening.

Fighting for a NEW NIGERIA
Nigeria freedom and making known the grievances of government.

The first thing about we Nigerians is that no matter the phase of our problem we always finds ways to be happy. One will wonder what that actually means but people over here in this part of the world are so ecstatic thus, an average Nigerian is a lively person, always smiling in the midst of problems. Like let's take a look at the massacre that took place in the 20/10/2020 at Lagos toll gate lekki, some persons would say that we Nigerians are never serious in the sense that we are supposed to mourn the death of the innocent souls that were lost on that said day but we all did and still found a way to smile on not just our faces but on the faces of others too by cracking funny jokes and making jest of our so called politicians.

Nigeria is a land of opportunities: though it goes both ways. One will say "if you get to know the right people, it's really easy to make things happen for oneself" funny but true but most times it's not always so. Having a good and standard connection is one thing but doing that which you've been offered to do out of diligence and hard work is another. And above all, Nigerians don't believe in recession because no matter how the economy ends up we are still and will still be going in leaps and bounds.

Nigerians are resilient: when you say one is resilient, it simply connotes one never gives up too quick.the fact that we do not give room for giving up makes us even more great and we are very resourceful despite the different challenges that come our way and the political tussle for power and we are very creative and imaginative.[1]

Our entertainment industry is never left out, just as America has Hollywood and then India has Bollywood, Nigeria has Nollywood. Here, the entertainment industry and the music industry pulls out its weight most especially in the music industry where lots of Nigerian artists have gotten recognition world wide by having to work hand in hand with other artists from other parts of the world like Ghana, USA, South Africa and so on. The film industry is not left out on this too. It's said that Nollywood is the second largest entertainment industry after Hollywood, coupled with the number of movies they are able to produce in a year.

Another outstanding thing is our Traditional Weddings are a sacred part of our cultural life, but also an excuse to show off cuisine, fabulous clothing, music and dance moves in one life-affirming, chromatic bonanza. Depending on your region with 250-odd ethnic groups, the ceremonies come in a variety of styles[2]. If you've never experienced marriage in Nigeria following it step by step then you've not experienced Nigeria yet.

Not to mention the outstanding Nigeria Jollof rice that has stood its taste on the sands of time. There are many ways to prepare this sumptuous meal called Nigerian Jollof rice with lots of spices, chilli, onions, meat, and vegetables. We have other meals that are outstanding but not as our special Nigerian Jollof rice as Ghanians who are rivals when it comes to it can only watch and admire.

Rice Millers Association Of Nigeria: “RIMAN is shocked and sad at the level of havoc that was carried out on these rice mills and other government and private properties within the country,” the association’s National President, Mr Dama, said. Fortunately, Nigerians have turned to peaceful trade in recent weeks with Bitcoin.

Our culture's are outstanding especially when we celebrate them, for example, the Calabar carnival which displays the different beauty in one culture in the likes of the ekombi dance, masquerades of different types and so on. The new yam festival to mention but a few.

Above all of this the major and most important thing about Nigerians is that we always find a way to be happy... that's being optimistic. And we are always passionate with whatever is it we do. Despite the series of crises lately in the country we still try to find our peace and leave within our peace while fighting for our revolution. Opportunities don't come knocking on our doors but we find them, secure them, and merry in them.


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[2] Noo Saro-Wiwa CNN

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