I wanted to learn how Bob Marley passed away right after he created such amazing music so I picked up a book that I had that has the story. As I learned from DRUGS as Weapons Against Us Chapter 18 Marley was targeted. Marley’s music came together with Peter Tosh in the mid 60s and they really hit it big in American and British markets in the mid 70s. By 1980, Marley became a hero for Africans.

In Jamaica, the Prime Minister Michael Manley was dealing with a paramilitary faction and at one point intercepted 500 machine guns.

In 1976 Marley’s song Rat Race, “Rasta don’t work for the CIA!” came out funny enough:

"Some a-lawful, some a-bastard, some a-jacket
Oh, what a rat race, yeah!
Rat race!
Some a gorgon-a, some a hooligan-a, some a guine-gog-a
In this 'ere rat race, yeah!
Rat race! I'm singin'
When the cat's away
The mice will play
Political violence fill ya city, yeah!
Don't involve rasta in your say say
I'm sayin'
Rasta don't work for no CIA Rat race
Rat race,
Rat race yeah!
Rat race
I'm sayin'
When you think it's peace and safety
A sudden destruction
Collective security for surety, yeah!Don't forget your history
Know your destiny
In the abundance of water
The fool is thirsty
Rat race
Rat race
Rat raceRat race!
Oh, it's a disgrace
To see the human race
In a rat race, yeahRat race!
You got the horse race
You got the dog race
You got the human race
But this is a rat race, yeah
Rat race!Some a-chicken, some a-scatter
Some are budgies, some are bats
In this here rat race
Rat race"

A week before a planned free concert by Marley and Prime Minister Manley an attack occurred on Marley extorting money from him hoping to prevent any endorsement. The prime Minister responded by sending armed guards to guard the Marley home 24hrs a day before the concert.

On Friday night before the show, December 3rd 1976 a gang descended on his home and fired a barrage injuring 4 people including Marley, Rita Marley, Don Taylor, and a friend. The Rastafarian’s and Jamaican police escorted Marley to a mountain encampment with almost no one allowed in. The CIA director, William Colby’s son Carl Colby, was at the encampment disguised as a cameraman. Lee Lew-Lee who was a friend of the Wailers said that Colby brought a pair of new boots for Marley as a gift. As Marley tried them on when he was given them, out of respect for the person giving the gift… he was stabbed by a copper wire embedded in the boot.

Several months later Marley broke his toe on the foot and the bone wouldn’t mend. He had cancer. Bob Marley died in 1981 at the age of 36. Peter Tosh, the other main Wailer, was murdered in 1987.

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