At first when I heard this it was hilarious, like why will anyone want to do that. And these made me come to the conclusion that my dear country Nigeria will never seize to amaze me.

It baffles me how these so called leaders value the life of cows much more than the life’s of the people leaving in the country. For the first time in how many years since I was born that NIGERIA has been ranked for something good like being among the top countries with the highest investment in cryptocurrency, for the first time since how many years and instead of the leaders to congratulate the youths for making the country stand out in something good for once in a very long time they decide to impose a ban on those who happens to run transaction using their banks by depositing into their wallet via their banks and withdrawing from their wallet into their banks.

All because the youths have decided not to stay poor as they want us to be just so they will stop using our fellow youths as weapons against the educated ones. Who derives joy seeing people poor or rather seeing people beg to live life, like who does that?
Sincerely this country is a killer of Joy. Whenever you hear a NIGERIAN say “being a Nigerian is  worst than being broke” it’s definitely true because, you are either thinking of how the economy keeps rising up everyday that people get to die of hunger all because they can’t afford it, or someone waking up in a country where your dress code, the type of phone you own or the type of car you drive can make you a cyber crime suspect. Your privacy is no longer your privacy, where any uniform person can come into your home without a search warrant to harass you, and moreover, where humans are being killed like chickens and their murderers are being allowed to walk freely and even promoted in their offices of work and paid huge amount of money as salaries. My dear if you are broke in this country will all of these things happening and you’ve never thought of giving up for once in your life, you are indeed a strong Nigerian because, the trauma that comes with it alone could cause one to commit suicide.

The government no longer accuses the youth of cyber crime and fraud, it’s now putting a ban on cryptocurrency transactions that involves the bank, all because people no longer save money in the banks rather they invest it in crypto and trade it. And they so called politicians don’t get to have access to free money with which they could loot any time they want and  and end up storing it up in their septic tanks or putting it in other countries bank.
And so it’s to painful from their own end that youths are becoming wiser and wiser everyday.

One would see some Nigerian politicians and think that they are actually educated. To think that one could be educated but wouldn’t know how to apply their education to basic livelihood, is so disheartening. Now coming from this man whose name is “Adamu Garaba”, that it’s better to invest money on real assets like cows rather than invest it in crypto currency which he referred to as a shortcut business.

And I am here wondering how a cow ranching business, is more lucrative than an investment in cryptocurrency . Permit me to say that, this can only be spilled out of bitterness as he does not understand what investment in cryptocurrency is and above all us can loot via crypto and thus it’s quite painful from his end.

I could literally feel his pain.

Who gets angry over seeing young people strive for excellence and a better life for not just their selves but for their future and kids yet to be born, and chooses not to be used as their tool/weapon of violence against humanity? Who?

First they get angry and kill innocent souls for standing up against them and their bad government, then compensate their guilt by acting nonchalant about it, rather, they praise these murderers, go as far as promoting them to higher positions in their field of work and pay them huge amount of money as salaries, and now, they are angry that youths no longer give them the opportunity to loot money as they like by not saving it up in the bank for the politicians to Loot the money and stock it up in their private banks or accounts. And so the best way to punish the youths is to ban transactions that has to do with banks and cryptocurrencies.

Now my question is, what has the youths of these present day Nigeria done to deserve this. The cost of living keeps getting high, electricity bill is nothing to write home about. An average Nigerian can barely save up money for his/herself.

Not to talk of being able to afford what to eat in a day . And to think that since this whole crypto came into the lives of Nigerian youths, the rate of robbery attack had been reduced, not to mention kidnapping and all others because, the youths prefer to invest and make more money for a life time rather than Rob or kidnap and enjoy money for a short period of time.

But one thing I know for sure is that, no matter how hard they try to get at us we the Nigerian youths will always find a way out. This generation did not come to play and we are definitely not lacking behind. If the country chooses to keep going backwards, we the youths choose to keep going forward . It’s just a matter of time. We must and we will find a way to fight thus poverty and the mentality that comes with it.

Nigeria will only be better if we all start to worry about our people’s poverty just the same way we sorry about the source of people’s wealth. Believe me I’m a proud Nigerian anytime, anywhere, and any day.

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