Lebanon born as we know after dividing the land between Allied Powers. It was period for french after destroying Ottoman Empire. And Lebanon has many different religions like (Shia, Sunni, Maronite Christian, Orthodox, Druze). The French were forced to give Lebanon independence in 1943 because Lebanon's people have a yearning for autonomy.

After the independence they had agreement has not written, and the content of the agreement are (The National Charter)

  1. The leader of the republic should be Maronite Christian.
  2. The prime minister should be Muslim Sunni.
  3. The leader of parliament should be Muslim Shiaetc.
  4. Muslim Lebanon Preventing the Lebanese Muslims from uniting with Syria.
  5. Preventing the Lebanese Christians from the French mandate they wanted
الميثاق الوطني اللبناني

Photo in (The National Charter) Riad Solh the first prime minister and Bechara El Khoury, the first President of the Republic. In 1952 a Revolution called white against (Bechara El Khoury). Because of corruption, so they put Camille Chamoun as the leader of the republic.

In 1955, Camille Chamoun visited Turkey and said Lebanon's foreign policy is the same as Turkey's. He meant Lebanon with the west against u.s.s.r. And Turkey invited Lebanon to join the Baghdad Pact, but they did not join. In 1956 happened war between Egypt and Israel and Camille Chamoun Invited Arab leaders after the withdrawal of Israel also after the threat of u.s.s.r. Of using atomic weapons, also (Camille) refuse by muslime people because after the war he still have relation with british and french.


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