re: Iraq: Nadhmi Auchi (Sadaam Hussein "bagman")-Steven Ross-Kuwait Investment Authority/Hudson Yards.....see below "tawdry" incestuous relationships especially Obama-Rezko-Bush and Kuwait Investment Authority-Related Steven Ross-Sadaam Hussein's Nadhmi Auchi
Auchi-Rezko Obama =
Auchi-Obama-Blagojevich = there was a picture via google search that showed Obama-Auchi-Blago posing for joint picture at April 2004 Rezko Fundraiser: 13 months after our soldiers starting being killed upon March 2003 invasion of Iraq as, mildly surprisingly, Google has "scrubbed the picture" =  =
Auchi-Steven Ross = 2016 = Auchi's GMH JV with Steven Ross' Related =
Steven Ross-Kuwait Investment Authority = April 2013 =
Obama Rezko Bush = Obama's Bagman/Funder and Auchi business partner Antoin Rezko attends Bush White House 2003 Christmas Party =
Bush Hosts Iraqi Minister of Electricity = 9-22-2003 =
Obama's Rezko is awarded Iraq Electricity Contract in 2004 via Bush's Iraqi Minister of Electricity =
Bush's Ray Hunt Kurdish Contract =
Obama's Pritzker Iraqi Contract =
Obama Bush Golf Buddies =
While the following report(s) are a mere glimpse of the "Greek Lightning Event(s) @ WTC on 9/11:
A) 9-1-2000 = $1B to $1.5B projected 99 year lease =
B) 4-27-2001 = $3.2B awarded to Silverstein
C) 10-9-2001 = $616M initial lease payment made July 2001 =

"Silverstein three months ago completed a deal to acquire the lease on the World Trade Center for $3.2 billion, including an initial payment of $616 million and annual rents of about $115 million over the next 99 years to the port authority, which retained ownership of the properties...."

D)  $4.55B Insurance Payout to Silverstein via Insurers = 5.75X ROE = exclusive of 90% leverage Silverstein secured to rebuild Freedom Tower to exponentially "juice" his IRR

E)  3-25-2009 = Silverstein signs first non-GSA lease @ Freedom Tower to China-based Vantone: "combination China chamber of commerce and cultural center" for 190,000sf lease

F) 3-27-2009 = Silverstein drops Freedom Tower name 48 hours after 1st non-GSA lease execute with quasi Chinese governmental entity

G) 9-10-2001 = Price of Lockheed Martin Stock @ $38.32 = All-time high price of $439.85 on 2-11-2020 per


I)  Delivery of "Kneeling Fireman" designed in Italy and delivered to JFK 36-hours before 9-11-2001 Terrorism events = =

J)  "Kneeling Fireman" now resides at Emigrant Bank as Howard Milstein's CRE firm Douglas Elliman orchestrated the $1B to $3.2B "Greek Lightning" bid-up of WTC privatization lease.

K)  15 of the 19 high-jackers from Saudi Arabia =

L)  9-23-2016 = Obama Vetos Bill to Let 9/11 Families to Sue Saudi Arabia =

M)  4-15-2020 =

N)  9-9-2021 = Families of 9/11 Victims still Looking For Answers in Court =

O) 10-12-2018 = "I love the Saudi's": Trump Business Ties to Kingdom run Deep =

P)  12-17-2012 =

NYPD for hire: how uniformed New York cops moonlight for banks

Q)  Former NYPD Police Chief "Endorsement" of Safra's First Republic Bank =

Lori Lightfoot and her mob is done for.  I'm starting the revolution in Chicago, IL the city I grew up in and thrived in to this day thanks to the melting pot and great culture. TIME TO RISE UP CHICAGO AND STOP KILLING EACH OTHER SOUTH SIDE.

COOK COUNTY JAIL for Rahm Emmanuel, Obama, Rezko, Bush, and every deep state member!



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