In Venezuela, protests are common. Thousands of people lost their freedom of speech, voting rights, protests that do not end in any end, thousands killed in protests for a better country and a new government. Venezuela is in a political crisis sued in a large number of protests marked by many injustices, thefts and insecurities. Today many Venezuelans at home and abroad continue their tireless struggle against the dictatorship of the Venezuelan government. (Article continues below)

Venezuela contaminated from the root
Venezuela has always been characterized as a country full of natural resources. However, they are not currently exploited like mining, gas, oil and derivatives. With a small accident, it would end up polluting and damaging everything in Venezuela.

In Venezuela, the first protests and mobilizations against the government and the situation in which the country suffers were started by different university students from national universities and states from various cities. In many states of Venezuela, many young students were killed without compassion by the Venezuelan authorities and many young protestants were silenced without free rights of protest and expression.

Since the beginning of the protests, everything has been seen as a result that no one is trying to protest against the government of Venezuela. People are trying to win against a corrupt government that tries to silence the free expression of its people and its inhabitants. As a country, Venezuela has plunged into poverty, misfortune, corruption, inflation and insecurity. Thousands of Venezuelans have been witnesses of countless protests that have ended up having 0 results in the present.

In Venezuela, thousands of people actively participate in massive mobilizations convened by the opposition against the government of President Nicolás Maduro. The United States concerning Venezuela managed to assert that they can invade the country, but what is unclear is how they will get out of the country after an overthrow or coup.

In the early days of protests in Venezuela, just as the president was believed to be being overthrown, 16,000 people were identified dead from the side of protesters in Venezuela, protesting a better quality of life and a change of government. The Bolivarian National Police managed to record 278 student and university arrests in the country and a number of thousands of injuries not identified by other sources. Also in a statement from the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, around 850 detainees were reported by various sources. Among the 650 of those detained, there were 18 minors and 40 deaths and twenty of them at the hands of the security forces in the protests, also following 51 deaths.

Insecurity, Looting, and Robberies in Venezuela
Crime and theft in Venezuelan state are seen very often as a more prominent problem affecting millions of people in this country where hunger, needs, and poverty are seen on every corner.

If we go to the protests of the current year 2020 and its records, on March 10 we managed to develop a march in the capital of Venezuela Caracas, convened by the acting President of Venezuela Juan Guaidó. In the protest, thousands of people participated coming to present many problems among the citizens of the country and the force that protected President Nicolás Maduro. Likewise, different clashes between Protestants and protesters and police forces who were faithful to President Nicolás Maduro defending his post and place in the presidency of Venezuela, which prevented the passage to the Legislative Palace.

Protests in Venezuela started again, from demonstrations and protests at the national level against President Nicolás Maduro caused by the corruption, poverty, and crisis that the whole country is living through.

There is also a record of 2017 which was a fairly difficult year for Venezuela where officialism prevailed over the opposition while the whole country was living and going through different protests for months. It was accompanied by thousands of demonstrations on the streets because of institutional changes and the difficult economic situation that the country was going through for this time. In Venezuela, inflation reached more than 12% according to international unofficial figures. Oil production reached its lowest level in the last three decades with less than 3000000 barrels per day, and the country also had an external debt of about 150,000 which caused it to be declared "default" or "red zone."

In Venezuela, different problems affect the current critical situation that the country and its inhabitants live and face, specifically because many people do not see results in significant change respectively based on results with protests or demonstrations by the citizens who inhabit Venezuela. There are many people who claim that there is an ever-worse economic crisis that increases every day, the result of an imbalance between political control of the government and the government's constant problems in bringing an entire country rich in natural oil resources. Many people claim that the center of the problems is President Nicolás Maduro. It has been determined as an external and internal war in the country against the situation and crisis that Venezuela is living because of the government.

In conclusion, many people claim that a better solution and better situation in the country must start with a change in the Venezuelan government for the development and transformation of all the damage that the political party has done.

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