For many Venezuelans it is a very difficult challenge to emigrate to another country for different reasons related to the economy or current emotional stability in relation to leaving Venezuela.

For many people it is not easy having to leave Venezuela and trying luck in other foreign countries or even looking for job opportunities and better conditions to live in another country.

For a Venezuelan citizen, the simple fact of returning to his or her country is not a simple task but instead, it is something totally complicated that requires and needs courage and, above all, willpower to get out of such a critical and terrible situation as the one Venezuela is going through.

Childrens in Venezuela.
Going to live in another country is a challenge and a new experience, a learning experience and a new adventure.

If we ask ourselves how difficult it can be for Venezuela citizens to leave their countries, we have different factors to take into consideration, starting with the economic stability and the monetary funds that are in their pockets to be able to emigrate to another country.

Among the three main points to take into consideration and in complete relevance we have:

  • Uncertainty and doubts: in this phase Venezuelans find themselves with many doubts in their heads related to whether they really have or should leave the country, their beliefs and hopes for a better future for their families and loved ones, as well as reaching a point of reflection in which they think about whether it is a good idea to venture into a new experience which is to abandon everything they have and start from scratch abroad.
  • Fear and clouded thoughts: Many are afraid of experiencing a new experience in another country and knowing that it may not be easy to have to work from scratch in another country without being sure if they will last a good period of time, short or long depending on how things are at work. On the other hand, it is very important to know that many Venezuelans, besides having cloudy thoughts and uncertainty about what will happen in the future and what destiny has in store for them, are also discriminated against by many people abroad who do not understand the current situation in which Venezuela finds itself and the crisis that all the inhabitants are going through.
  • Hope for new opportunities abroad: Many Venezuelans hope to prosper abroad in any area or job, however in most circumstances jobs are not easy to find and they have to find a way to subsist in other countries abroad, as street vendors or even cleaning houses or closed apartments.
    Leaving your country is not an easy thing to do, abandoning everything and leaving aside everything you have and value, what you love and appreciate, to go in search of a new adventure hoping for a better job, a better quality of life, decent and stable to live. The situation Venezuela is going through is no secret to anyone, however, there are many factors that play a fundamental role when a Venezuelan wants to leave his country and venture abroad to new opportunities.

If we start talking about the desire to work and motivation we start talking about many people who think that everything is easy in another country, that they can easily find a job and they like all things easy and simple, also people who are lazy and have never liked to work hard for what they want but instead they have had everything given to them in their lives and they have not made even a little effort to achieve something, a goal or an objective with their own effort.

Hard work pays off and especially for people who like to undertake a new goal, a new business and have a vision focused on success eventually get what they want, it's all about keeping a clear view on our goals and objectives.