The difficult and stressful situation that overwhelms millions of inhabitants in the country currently under dictatorship in Venezuela, is going from bad to worse, more and more inhabitants are joining every day to leave the country in search of new job opportunities and in search of a better quality of life in neighboring countries or in the first world.

Even so, many people who are not informed or living in Venezuela to know in detail how it is to live in this country in dictatorship and how things are inside the country, do not know exactly how difficult it is for a Venezuelan to leave the country if he/she does not have different characteristics or requirements to undertake or work in another country leaving everything in his/her own country.

During a city trip to Budapest, Hungary, I saw this stencil street art on a wall at a metro line. For the photo, I chose a shutter speed slower than the metro expected would be and waited some minutes until the metro came.
The situation in Venezuela is even worse for many other people living in the country's capital, who face extremely high prices and in dollars, a currency that not everyone in Venezuela handles.

Among the characteristics that influence the question of: how difficult it is to try to leave a country in dictatorship, there are some requirements that many people do not meet at the level of having to abandon your own country, money is the first point to take when identifying the reasons of why it is difficult to leave a country in dictatorship, a minimum wage is not enough to be able to take a trip abroad either to the first world or to neighboring countries in search of a better quality of life.

And these are different qualities that represent what today is an unfavorable situation for different inhabitants who try to fight against an extremely excessive hyperinflation, this situation is outside of the limiting parameters to the economy of a country at a stable or general level.

The critical situation in Venezuela never seems to get better.

For an average Venezuelan who earns between $2, $5 to $6 dollars a month, it represents an excessively serious hyperinflation that automatically gets out of control, and gives desperation and lack of control of the people in the country at a social level in terms of food, jobs and a good life quality.

In a country in which many people are not sure what they are going to eat the next day, the main point is that money is not enough for absolutely nothing within what an average Venezuelan citizen earns on a monthly basis compared to other countries in the Latin American continent that earn much more compared to what an average Venezuelan earns in this country.

If we begin to detail specifically what are the reasons why there are obstacles and adversities for a Venezuelan to leave the country, we may begin to qualify the first world and the United States as a candidate, it is known that the U.S. embassy in Venezuela was expelled by the government in Venezuela.

It is for this reason and reason that mainly many people no longer have the same right or access to be able to process a personal document along with a passport, or the American Visa itself.

All relations in the Venezuelan country were cancelled and therefore the country was completely framed as a red zone and a dangerous zone by the same government of the United States, letting all Americans know that Venezuela was a dangerous country to which they did not recommend to visit or travel for any reason or cause, neither for tourism, nor for pleasure, since traveling to this country meant a complete danger to the integrity of any American inhabitant.

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The current situation in Venezuela has made many desperate to leave the country simply because they are looking for a better quality of life for their families, children and loved ones, 

Every day that passes in Venezuela is completely more difficult than the previous one, food can become a big problem which isn't supported by a monthly salary that is absolutely nothing compared to what other people earn monthly in other countries neighboring Venezuela. (Colombia)

The simple fact of not having the certainty of what they will eat the next day has brought problems and consequences to the survivors of a country that is still in critical conditions and that simply the people who live there are survivors of a situation that can hardly be carried.

It has even been thought that everything is going to pass and that the idea of the old Venezuela, the one that was a power and one of the richest countries in Latin America, would be the same again, but the harsh reality is different.

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The situation is totally shocking, malnutrition, massive death and constant illnesses in patients who do not get medicines or ways to survive in a country that is still in crisis due to the dictatorship it is living.

The difficult reality that many Venezuelans are going through is having to venture to a foreign country simply because they do not consider surviving more than what they were already doing, and how does one survive in a country where the minimum monthly salary paid to any worker earning the minimum wage is not enough for absolutely nothing and in fact doen't cover the basic food needs of any inhabitant inside the country.

The situation of the country has become so worrying that even the youngest children are sent to beg by their parents to the streets, being this, a reality for millions of Venezuelans, the only option to survive is to leave the country and look for a way to survive by working abroad.