As a fruit of the desert country, dates are a little different for everyone. It has not yet been discovered when did the date palm first grows? However, the oldest fossils of date palms are about 50 million years old. In the Middle East and the Indus Valley, dates were thousands of years old fruit. Dates are also found in Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, North Africa, and other places.

Date Palm Tree

It has long been used as a daily food in places like North Africa and the Middle East. The date palm usually grows to a height of 25 meters. One branch of a date palm can hold more than a thousand dates at a time. These fruits are round or cylindrical in shape. It is 3-6 cm long, 2-3 cm wide and varies from bright red to bright yellow when ripe.

We can find various types of dates. Some of them are  "Medjool", "Barhi', "Deglet Noor", "Hayani", etc. However, "Medjool" species of dates are very popular, among all of these species.

Nutrition value of Medjool Dates

According to the Database of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Data Central, per 100 g "Medjool" dates contains,

Water - 21.32 g
Iron - 0.9 mg
Energy - 1160 kJ
Magnesium - 54 mg
Protein - 1.81 g
Phosphorus - 62 mg
Ash - 1.74 g
Potassium - 696 mg
Glucose - 33.68 g
Vitamin B 6 - 0.249 mg
Fructose - 31.95 g

Nutrition value of Medjool Dates

People have tried to use it as much as possible. Dates are not only very good to eat, that have a lot of nutrients in it. That is a good source of minerals like iron, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Dates are rich in thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin B 6, vitamin A, and vitamin K.

Uses of  Dates

The use of date palms is manifold. Every part of the tree including its leaves, stems, and fruits are used for some purpose. Once upon a time in the rural area of Bangladesh palm leaves are used to make raw house tents, fences, and wooden house poles. Not only in Bangladesh You can also find this kind of house in the middle east desert, rural areas of India, Pakistan and other someplace.

Date Molasses 

One of the attractions of rural life in Bangladesh winter is date juice and molasses. Besides, date molasses is famous for its beautiful aroma and taste. "Sweets", "Monda", "Sandesh", and various cakes are prepared with date molasses. Cakes and pies made with date molasses are very tasty. It needs care to produce more molasses from date palms. Dates palm start giving juice from the age of six or seven. And molasses is made from this juice. Most juice is available from middle-aged trees.

Benefits of Dates

Dates are a good source of sugar and fiber. Common sugars contain fructose and dextrose,  sugars are known to provide instant energy. Dates are full of energy and are a great food ingredient to include in your child's diet when he starts eating hard food.

  1. Relieves constipation
  2. Keeps the heart-healthy
  3. Strengthens bones
  4. Helps to reduce indigestion
  5. Lowers cholesterol levels
  6. Regulates blood pressure
  7. Relieves diarrhea
  8. Helps to keep the brain fresh


Although there are many benefits of dates, in some cases one should be careful while taking dates. Those who have diabetes must consult a doctor before taking dates and people who are high in potassium should be careful about eating dates.

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