In 1965, in Al-Zubayr city, west of Basra Province in Iraq

A black Iraqi flame was born, and a ray of hope for the Iraqi blacks sparked and shined. when The newborn will later become a black Iraqi leader, and will try to get his black skinned people out of the circle of isolation. He is “Jalal Dhiab”, who has two male brothers and three female sisters, later on a man married with 3 daughters and an only son, and he is the founder of the Free Iraqi Movement, a movement that has emerged to extract Iraqi blacks from the political diaspora and neglect between the left’s forces and the parties of political Islam. The movement has represented all that they aspire for, for the sake of the secular Iraqi civil future, that rejects ethnic discrimination, which they lacked and missed  in previous political movements and groupings

Jalal Diab called through this movement to:

1-Acknowledgment of the existence of the Iraqi black component (Afro-Iraqi) in the Iraqi constitution.

2-Official government apology for the long history of discrimination and racism against the black component.

3-Legislating a law to criminalize the word “Abd” (Nigger in English), which is used for Iraqi black people,and legal punishment for discrimination against them.

4-Including the identity of the black citizen in the Iraqi school curricula

A picture that shows Jalal Dhiab. also known in Iraq as: "Martin Luther king of Basra"

The idea of ​​establishing the movement Formed and crystallized between 2005 and 2007, and the matter or purpose after its establishment did not depend only on the demands of the Iraqi blacks rights, but it went beyond taking bold brave stands, perhaps the most prominent of which stands is the nomination of Iraqi blacks in the elections for the membership of the provincial councils they inhabit, and their desire for “quota” seats in the Iraqi parliament.

Like all other original (old) and small Iraqi components, and some of them were candidates in the 2009 provincial council elections, but they did not get any seat, according to a leaked document on the (WikiLeaks website), mentioning “Ramon Negron”; The director of the American consulate in Basra at the time, in an official document, said it was easy for at least one of them to win, but they suffered discrimination under the ruling of the political system.

Jalal Dhiab.

He who graduated from a commercial school and later obtained a computer programming diploma, was carrying an educated and open minded mindset, which sparked a sense of citizenship among Iraqi blacks (Afro-Iraqis), and he developed his activities to include the social and development side, as a result of which the launch of the “Ansar Al-Hurriyya al-Insaniah” ( Human Freedom Supporters) organization, which It started by giving workshops to teach new professions to lift their children out of the conditions in which their parents lived, and the organization launched educational courses in several professional fields

Such as:

Sewing, computing skills, shaving, and makeup, in addition to setting up a financial fund to marry black youth and help their poor. The organization also established a school for literacy among blacks, which worked from 2010 to 2013, and the “ Baha'i's of Basra” (The Baha'i faith is a monotheistic religion that emphasizes in its fundamental principle the spiritual unity of the human race) contributed to teaching in it, giving lessons that urged moral virtues, This event embodied a wonderful symbiotic humanitarian image among the two components that suffered the most persecution in Basra

Jalal Dhiab had the pictures of “Martin Luther King” and “Barack Obama” on the wall of his school to educate the young black poor, and the two pictures were referring to the awakening of an unexpected identity in the areas of the black minority in Basra, where Jalal Dhiab wanted to stand against a culture rooted in society, the culture of "Do not bring the servant (the black) without and stick with him. ” ( A part of an Arabic old poem of the known poet "Al-Mutanaby")

And he resolved with his distinctive personality an important social reference for his community, resolving their differences and assisting them in life matters. This place which he began to occupy has aroused the discontent of some of the elders of the people, and some of the outlawed militias close to the government.


the living days of Jalal Dhiab became only a few days, as he crossed the red line, by nominating himself and a number of blacks in the provincial council elections in 2013, on Friday, April 26 2013, and in Al-Zubayr itself, while Jalal Dhiab was concerned with leaving his organization’s headquarters (Ansar Al-Hurriyya al-Insaniah)  ( Human Freedom Supporters) , accompanied by one of the black youths activist in the organisation, a massive event  occured, which returned the Iraqi blacks to their hibernation for another time, when Jalal Dhiab was driving his car and with the black young activist working with him at the, heading to the organization’s guard who was sitting in a nearby café to hand over his keys, Unidentified gunmen went to his car and shot them, the young man was wounded and Jalal Dhiab was KILLED immediately, the gunmen fled quickly.

The martyr "Jalal Dhiyab" standing in the same place where Martin Luther King of the United States addressed supporters of the civil rights movement.

And as the American Martin Luther King was assassinated because of his activity. Thus, “Jalal Dhiab” was assassinated, for the American Martin Luther King was killed at sunset on April 4, 1968, with a bullet that struck his throat and put an end to his life. As for Jalal, his body was penetrated by four bullets at close range, hitting his neck, stomach and kidney.

Jalal the same day, was discussing at the headquarters of his organization the situation of the Iraqi gypsies (Caulies), and how to expand the activities of his organization to include them, and this is similar to what the American “Martin Luther King” who was preparing to participate in a labor protest, and the difference between them is that the American Martin Luther King killer He was arrested, while the killers of “Martin Luther King of Basra” is still at large, and the case was registered against an unknown person.


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