The King Ghazi  was an exceptional king in every sense of the word, The history made him a holy example of a true patriotic king that only concentrate on his people and their suffer and work so hard to make them prosper.

In this article we will discuss a real alterative story of his life the the world never knows about it, It comes directly from the mouth of his cousin princess Badiya bint Ali to the hands of the Iraqi famous politician and historian Faiq Al sheikh Ali , lets start!

Prince Crown Ghazi

After King Faisal the first passed away the founder of the new Iraqi state after the end of the Ottoman occupation of Iraq that lasted for 400 years, a young boy has came to power and this young boy have some extraordinary traits and it was unknown by the most of the world and the Iraqis, and it will listed below:

1- Deep hate to the British Empire: as you know the British help his father to get to the throne of Iraq despite that he have that strong feeling for a reason and it was the betrayal that happen to his grandfather by the British by don't fulfil their oath of giving him the throne of Hejaz and they betray him and sent him to custody in Cyprus.

2-Stupidity: he didn't make it through school and he fail in his attempt to achieve any mental advance, his father was concerned about his future if he will be crippled by his mind his entire life, he assemble a committee from a finest teacher of all the nation and gather them to teach his precious son and eventually he fails. so he decided to send him to England to study their with a British family to help him understand the English language at least. no need to say it anymore, he FAILS, his father bring him back home and make him join the military collage  in Iraq and he graduated from it as an officer.
After that Ghazi surrounded himself with his colleges from the military academy whom they love him and he love them back, the King Ghazi was Homosexual.

Hitler gave the crown prince Ghazi a radio station named "Radio Station of al Zahour Palace" and he was using it to spread his ideology of Arabic Unification, defending the Palestinian cause, insult the British Empire regime and their actions in the region and the most important thing he was calling for annexing Kuwait to Iraq. The people loves him and celebrate him as a unique leader that can face Great Britain with only his sound from the Radio. But he was just a hollow picture from the political aspects and he was support Nazi Germany and want them to interferes in Iraq and he let's the "Golden Square" control over Iraq and they were Fascist extremers. and loyal to Germany.

The four Colonels (The Golden Square)

King Ghazi was busy with Drinking, lusting and looking for a pretty boys to sleep with and totally ignored the state and it's interests but he keep using the Radio to stream his ideology, especially the cause of annexing Kuwait and it was cutted by the British colonial power and made a false border to weaken the Arabs.

King Ghazi leading Iraq: he ignores Iraq too much and his prime minister Yassin al Hashmi was hated by his political opponents like Nuri al-Said, Jodat al Ayoubi Jameel al madfaai. so they support the tribes to do an uprising against the government led by Yassin al Hashmi, at this point the Iraq was on mess and chaos with his King Busy to enjoy his life and ignoring the life of the others. so, General Bakr Sidqi the commander of the Iraqi Army led an military coup against the government in 1936  and this is was the first coup in the history of the new middle east and the result of this coup was killing Jaafar Al-Askari the founder of the Iraqi Army. Bakr Sidqi spent his rule period lusting and partying just like King Ghazi, so he got assassinated shortly and the revolution was failed.
King Ghazi ideas swing to Nazi Germany and Nuri al-Said the manipulator if the Iraqi government was support the British control. there was a conflict in the policies back then, some support the German intervention in Iraq and some support the strengthen the British presence in Iraq. King Ghazi has no influence in the regime, just a loud mouth who threw a patriotic speeches to the people with no actual action or a strong stand.

King Ghazi Death: The famous story about King Ghazi death point the accusation finger toward British intelligence to assassinate King Ghazi because of his stand against British Empire, the Palestinian issue and the calls of annexing Kuwait to Iraq because it's originally Iraqi governorate. BUT Princess    Badiya bint Ali reveal a new and completely different story about King Ghazi Death.

Princess Badiya bint Ali

She Says: there is too many British in our palace as Teachers, servants or drivers
they can easily kill him with poison or any clever way they had it's not a big deal for them to take out a drunk King. so the British is not the responsible for assassinate him. let's hear the true story.

King Ghazi was DRUNK in his radio station that was given to him by Hitler and it's down for some technical reasons and he was pissed and angry, he went back to the palace by his sport fast car and enter his home and he was angry and fighting with his wife Queen Alia, and then the technicians of the radio station called him back.
he went to the radio station super fast and hit electricity column and the column broke down and hit him in the head an killed him immediately. This is the true story.

What is the wide known story?
the most of people know this: King Ghazi was driving back to the station and there was someone behind him called "Eid the Slave" who was raised by the Iraqi royal family since King Faisal the First, so he hit him with a large bar of steel on his head and killed him and that's made him hit the electricity column which fell down on his car and Eid disappear after that accident and this is the proof that he is a British agent.
Princess Badiya says: this is not true because Eid The Slave was one of us and still live with us in the palace until 1958 the year of the Revolution.

This is the truth about King Ghazi of Iraq told by his cousin and she says this is the truth I want to to publish after my death and she died in 2020 after 100 years on earth. god bless her and have mercy on her soul.