Mesopotamia has gone through many civilizations that have inhabited it. It is one of the oldest civilizations in the world that may have coincided with the Pharaonic civilization or even before it. Hence, the civilizations varied in it, some of them ruled the earth completely and some of them ruled large parts of it.

The civilizations that inhabited Mesopotamia were among the most developed civilizations in-laws and internal regulations, engineering, astronomy and other sciences.

But there is a very mysterious civilization knowing that it ruled the earth completely by two rulers. They are one of the most famous rulers of the planet in history, namely: Nimrod and Nebuchadnezzar, which were mentioned in many religious texts in various religions. They ruled Babylon, and during their rule, many interesting events happened.


Babylon is one of the civilizations of Mesopotamia. It is one of the most prominent civilizations established there and the most influential in the region and the world. This civilization began in real life after the Great Flood, so a country we may call it the first civilization of Babylon, where it started with the Nimrod, who then became a god in the second civilization.

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Babylon was distinguished by many mysterious stories that were covered in fossils, cuneiform writing on stones, and religious texts supporting these stories. Babylon was one of the civilizations that ruled the whole world from east to west in both periods.

Babylon I civilization (Nimrod rule)

It was ruled by the Nimrod, who was the tyrant, the first person who claimed divinity in history. He is the first mighty person on earth who ruled the earth from east to west ruled the world for 400 years. The religious texts stated that the Prophet Abraham confronted Nimrod to monotheism and his servants' God. But, Nimrod rejected Abraham and built a high tower that is one of the ancient wonders of the world, to see the God of Abraham in the sky.

Babel Tower

It is the tower that Nimrod built to see the god of the sky. The story of building this tower bears many mysterious and metaphysical things (beyond nature) that are mentioned in ancient manuscripts, writings and religious texts.

The architecture of the tower: The tower had multiple shapes in many cultures, and from cultures, what it says is that the tower has a square base similar in its design to a ziggurat in the Mesopotamian civilizations. It is believed that the tower has a circular base and its shape resembles a mulwah (like an inverted tornado). First, we start with the tower, which is shaped by a square

  • The tower has a square base

It is the shape preferred by most archaeologists due to some of the antiquities they found in Babylon. It is believed that it resembles a ziggurat in its design, as it consists of more than one layer, each layer that people enter according to their position in the state. For example, the lower layer is for commoners, and the next is for the people have the highest value in the state until we reach the ruler and then The area of ​​worship in which the god is at the top of the ziggurat, where the Nimrod used to always stand when addressing his servants as he thought.

  • The tower is circular in base

Most of the ancient biblical texts favored him, as it consists of many layers, and as we go up to the top, the area decreases and many stairs surround the tower until we reach the top.

Method of building it: It was believed in the ancient times that building such a great building might be very difficult for humans, and it is also believed that the Nimrod was the first to use the jinn and demons because of their great ability as this building is very difficult to build by humans, as the Nimrod was a great wizard.

I think that if this building had remained to this day, the major countries would have competed with it to build a tower bigger than it.

It is believed that the tower was destroyed by the anger of the god at Nimrod, as Nimrod died due to the entry of a mosquito into his skull and the death of the Nimrod, the first civilization of Babylon ended after 400 years of the rule of Nimrod.

Pharaonic obelisks
Pharaonic civilization has always hidden many architectural surprises and elements that we think are simple but great symbolism.In this article, we will talk about the Pharaonic obelisks, which we are still studying its secrets and features until this time.

Babylon II civilization

This civilization still has traces indicating its existence to this moment. It started in 1792 BC and was ruled by the first Balinese dynasty, and the ruler was Hammurabi, who organized many of the state's affairs. He established the first law regulating the state. It was one of the most advanced countries in that period and was the height of its greatness When Hammurabi ruled it, in this civilization, I will suffice to mention its two most prominent rulers, namely Hammurabi and Nebuchadnezzar and some of the most prominent historical buildings in each period of rule.

Babylon under the rule of Hammurabi

Hammurabi laid the foundations for establishing a strong state and thought of spreading the system in the country, where Hammurabi developed the first organized law in history. He wrote it on the most famous amusement in history. The first of which is the Hammurabi stela in which the laws written in it varied between social regulating the relationship of commoners with the state and commoners with some of them as well as economic and this law was Organizes the affairs of the world in its entirety, not just Babylon.

  • Obelisk of Hammurabi (Sharia Hammurabi)

It is a basaltic column inscribed with laws. It contains two parts. They are an inscribed image of Hammurabi with the god Marduk (Al-Nimrod)

After the death of Nimrod, the Babylonians sanctified him and made him a god, and the second part contains the laws of Hammurabi.

Babylon under the rule of Nebuchadnezzar

What prompted me to write about Nebuchadnezzar is that he was one of the four who ruled the land from east to west, as his rule was prosperous for Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar was mentioned in many religious texts. He was mentioned in Islam that he ruled the whole land, entered many countries, occupied it and annexed it under his banner. It is mentioned that he destroyed the kingdom of Judah and exiled the Jews, and was called the Babylonian captivity, which is the captivity imposed by Nebuchadnezzar on the Jews.

Nebuchadnezzar was distinguished from the rest of the rulers in that when he entered cities, he did not destroy what was in them. Only he annexed them under his leadership, and that state must pay tribute to Babylon, and he was also distinguished by religious tolerance.

"Excess pride is destructive to the soul," Nebuchadnezzar said

Architecture in Babylon

Babylon was distinguished by its great architectural wealth, and they took care of building palaces, the most famous of which is Hammurabi Palace, which was restored by Nebuchadnezzar.

  • Ishtar Gate

Ishtar is the god of love, beauty, and war in Babylon. This gate was named after her. The gate is distinguished by its colors that it still maintains until this time, and many restorations have been done on it. And controlling human matters.

The gate was also distinguished by its great size and height, built on the form of a mosaic on which many wonderful inscriptions were formed.

The portal has now been in the Berlin Museum for more than 120 years.

  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon

It is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, as it was an architectural and scientific miracle at that time. Although it no longer exists now, its ruins are still present in addition to a water tank in one of the palaces to irrigate the garden. Irrigation gardens were distinguished in it as it was the first vertical garden in history. We did not know much about it, but it was mentioned on ancient stone engravings in addition to manuscripts.

Babylon was one of the greatest ancient civilizations and the most developed, so they understood science and arithmetic and put laws that we still learn from them until the present time. There are still many mysterious things about this civilization and these things disappeared with the death and disappearance of civilization.

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