Is Linux Gaming Ready for you? It is for me. I can play GTA 5, Halo MCC, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Cities Skylines, Wither 3 Wild Hunt, Battlefield, NFS Most Wanted, oh the list goes on baby!

The only problem is corporations in bed with Bill Gates where they actively attack Linux gameplay mostly by not developing their anti-cheat or accept contributions from the community. We want to game on Linux.

Let me give you a brief introduction about the state of Linux gaming, the biggest projects that have helped me are Steam, Vulkan, Proton, Lutris, and Glorious Eggroll.

You're probably like Glorious Eggroll, WTF? Hold on to your Neckbeards!

Steam Big Picture Mode

I'm getting tired of my Xbox and the lag of Windows so I decided to completely switch to Linux and Steam Big Picture mode works perfectly on my UHD Samsung 50inch with an Xbox Controller.

All you people who are scared to switch to Manjaro/Ubuntu/etc are wasting so many job opportunities, and better gaming.

Vulkan (API) Project

From Wikipedia:

Vulkan is a low-overhead, cross-platform3D graphics and computingAPI. Vulkan targets high-performance realtime 3D graphics applications such as video games and interactive media across all platforms. Compared to OpenGL and Direct3D 11, and like Direct3D 12 and Metal, Vulkan is intended to offer higher performance and more balanced CPU/GPU usage. Other major differences from Direct3D 11 (and prior) and OpenGL are Vulkan being a considerably lower-level API and offering parallel tasking. In addition to its lower CPU usage, Vulkan is also able to better distribute work among multiple CPU cores.[11]

This API has the chance to bring Developers all on board the cross-platform gaming revolution. Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is a great example of a game implementing Vulkan.


A series of improvements made to the Windows compatibility layer (Wine) to improve the experience of the Windows graphics libraries on Linux. Thank you Valve.

Proton is developed by Valve and based on a fork of Wine. - Wikipedia

Proton is probably the most famous of the improvements to Linux Gaming in the last few years. They have really made strides and made Steam usable for games other than CS:GO. My i5-3570k @ 4.3Ghz w/ a GTX 1060 plays any not horribly developed game just fine at 1080p.


Lutris is a great software to install if you are interested in a manager other than Steam, or if the game is not on Steam:

Source: My Computer

Glorious Eggroll (proton hotfix project)

A project built on top of proton where they further the development of Valve and most often Valve ends up merging GE's code back into the Proton main branch. Take a look at their list of improvements:

Releases · GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom
Compatibility tool for Steam Play based on Wine and additional components - GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom

Distribution popularity by ProtonDB rankings:

I recommend Manjaro to computer experts, and Ubuntu for those that just wish to Game on Linux.

Protip: Setup autorandr if you have an HDTV connected to your graphics card so you can easily configure the display settings.

Thanks for reading this far, you deserve some Hive! follow us!

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