Various risks, uncertainties and disruption of plans have started to appear in the life as the world has entered the pandemic. However, various psychological disease began to occur in humans. In this situation, it’s normal to seen of these disorders because of our life routine is broken.

What are those disorders?

The emotion which has depressive, anxious, pain, shock, denial, worrying about health, anger, hopelessness, stress, anxiety, intolerance, despair, and tension can be seen.

Those things came with this pandemic situation and they are temporary. They will pass over time of with good doctor's advice.These feelings are the product of the cognitive structure. Cognitive structure produces emotion and thought that is functional to protect the person and them environment. Therefore, these feelings and thoughts bring precautionary and preventive behavior.

Those feelings and thoughts born with increased share about pandemic, emergence of uncertainty, broken of life routine.

What should people do to get over of those emotions and thoughts?

1- Continue to engage in a positive life routine as much as possible
2- Be careful about sleep patterns
3- Eat regularly
4- Get a new hobby
5- Keep in touch with people, being social is so important.

If people don't do those things they will be obsessed with they may have depressed feelings,harm themselves or their environment , have sleep problems If these problems appear. Psychological support should be obtained.

Result: In this pandemic situation, people may have some psychological disorders. They will come with life routine's broken. People must handle with those disorders. If they cannot cope, there will be major health problems. So they should try to continue their life routines and gain new hobbies.


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