Government Simply put; is the Machinery set up by state to execute her functions, Her legitimacy is derived from the collective will of every member of the state and her sole purpose is to be a tool that executes the will of the state this clearly indicates the only reason we have governments is for her to maintain and organize our collective affairs, secure our properties protect Our territories manage our disputes within and without the point I’m straining to make is simple.

The people in a state setup a system to govern themselves and the people selected to use this tool for the benefit of the state cannot be guilty of betraying the interest of the state which is why a Government can only operate within the laws of the state, society at different stages of development had laws in place and executed the form of government it considered most suitable to enforce this laws over the course of time; if we take a look at the worlds history we see nations transition from one form of government to another mostly monarchy to democracy or a republic according to United Nation there are 195 countries in the world with forty four amongst them practicing monarchy and only six of the forty four practicing absolute monarchy the rest are either practicing a mixed or constitutional monarchy this further proves the people of our world today understands the need for her government to be a tool that works for her advancement and for the benefit of all members of the state. Not one form of government has been universally accepted as the best form of Government but the idea of having a Government watch over the affairs of the state appears to be universal leaving no doubt government indeed is a necessity for the functionality of any state.

It would be appropriate for the cause of this article to elaborate on the process involved in setting up this state machine.


There are different Theories on how states come to be, Evolutionary Theory states evolved from family and clan, Force Theory states formed from Invasion by exerting force  Divine Right in this theory it is the will of God or the gods that form states then there’s the Social Contract Theory states formed from the collective will of its members These Theories simply covers how states have come to be a part of our world, it is important to note Every use of state in this article draws its definition of state in the context of the state as a social contract which is, in fact, the case with a modern monarchy.

I would like to now further this piece with the intent of presenting a few questions before the conscience of my reader as this could help explicate the idea of government being a tool of society; Has government over the cause of time been useful? what have been its shortcomings? I expect every reader to answer these questions personally drawing from their realities the answer would of course be different across terrains in the same states or not I know the answer would be different for almost every reader whatever your answer is you will have to accept that government is inevitably responsible for us all even if we accept it or not which is why the purpose of this article is to help us understand a very basic truth Government is a tool of society whatever the case may be with your state you have to understand it is your government in societies where this basic concept is understood and applied the government tends to held responsible by its citizenry and is more accountable to her the people in power at any giving time are not the Government in a sense for the most they are administrators except in a dictatorship it is this understanding that can help people understand the need to really form a government that represents their interest.

There are factors that help maintain stability in any society, Economic growth Security of rights and property, and just as stated above these are primary functions of a state, the absence of these basics does not necessarily mean the state automatically is plunged into chaos but this grows the level of discontent amongst members of society and as history has proved this discontent is a key ingredient in almost every revolution uprising riot and protest the world has seen if it is indeed our collective will that prompts us to setup government for ourselves it is very correct to say we create a tool to service our collective needs then like every workman knows maintenance and repair is required to keep a tool functional if it is to perform optimally.


At this point in our existence as a race we have achieved a lot been through a lot Governing ourselves is not a complex task in fact with our current capacity (the level of technology at our disposal) we could even automate governance This machine of the state should be one of the most clearly defined element of society it is certainly impossible for her effect to satisfy %100 of the population every time it is applied but it could always be applied in a manner that leaves no section of the population out of the picture if government is truly a tool of society, our collective will formed a state our collective will should run It, this tool should only be applied in solving our collective problems and nothing more it shouldn’t cause any problem as tools are applied to solve problems not cause any.

Editor’s Note: I advise you to ask yourselves questions on what your government is doing wrong in your area, and not to focus on the entire World, only one human can change a lot in the area you know best. Ron Paul is the best example I have found who lead his whole life by example, being a doctor, and an unwavering dedication to which made America the country it is today.