It's really obvious that a lot of people are passing away in the whole world everyday due to a virus called corona. This virus is also mutating itself to one of the most dangerous versions of it. It's as similar in Bangladesh as the rest of the world in terms of increasing death rate every day.

But to be honest, two things are pretty much obscured. One is why not a huge number of people are getting affected by Corona yet when they are in contact with others as always. In my region, there are thousands of garments employers work together who came up here from different cities. Still, it's glad to know that almost none actually badly affected by Corona here AFAIK. Well, it doesn't mean that I am claiming to be its non-existence here. Rather, I am baffled why a place of huge crowed is still good with not many symptoms while news media are printing enormous death each day.

Probably, there are too many people who don't even know themselves whether they are affected or not. Two reasons : i) they don't actually like to test ii) no bad symptoms occurring. Unfortunately, science doesn't have the exact answer yet. If that is the case, why should just schools, colleges and universities be closed? This is the second point.

Educational institutions were shut down since 17 march 2020 officially. Although the government considered opening schools, colleges and universities on several occasions, it was not possible due to the pandemic situation in the country. Today, it's 1 August 2021. Imagine! It's been one and half year, students are too away from academical studies. So called 'Online Class' is not much effective due to a lot of reasons. A private study on the education system during the coronavirus pandemic found that 69.5 percent of the country's primary and secondary students could not take part in distance learning.

As a result, students are trapped between four walls due to school closure. Many students have been suffering from mental sickness extensively. A few were dead through committing suicide. A large number of students have dropped out of school and education completely. Online game addiction is on the rise as educational institutions are closed. This is badly affecting enormous students to be both mentally and physically damaged. They are spending time through various online games like Free Fire and PUBG. Experts believe that the nation will have to pay the ultimate price if this continuation is not stopped soon. Parents are funky right now.

Where garments to vehicles, all areas of the country are running well during covid19, why should just educational institutions be closed then? Does it truly make any sense considering rest of other points?

Educational institutions should be opened soon without delay.