Since the emergence of this dangerous virus in the world, many countries have dealt with the matter in different ways and procedures. Some have succeeded in reducing the scale of the disaster and some have not succeeded because of the delay in the speedy decision-making.

Developed countries fail and third world countries succeed

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a)Developed but powerless countries

Despite the progress that Europe is experiencing today due to the economic and trade openness that resulted from the presence of the European Union, which facilitated the movement of movement between countries within the Union, this openness was the cause of the collapse of health organizations in countries such as Spain and Italy
It was very close in the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

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B)Small country and big success

But somewhere in the Middle East there was Jordan.

It is a small country with limited resources and depends mainly on tourism in its economy, which is the sector most affected in the world due to the Corona virus.

Jordan was able to take proactive measures before the disaster strikes, as it imposed a comprehensive ban throughout the country, as entry and exit from the Kingdom were banned temporarily at the beginning of the crisis.

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The vital sectors, markets and tourist sites have been closed

The state has also established teams of doctors to search for any cases that appear in the country.

When a person is confirmed infected, he will be transferred to resorts that have been equipped to be suitable for receiving patients so that they are far from society and thus the disease will not spread.

At the same time, sterilization of this person’s home will be imposed and the people who have dealt with them in the last period will be determined in order to ensure that they are not infected, but they will sit in their homes for a period of 14 days to ensure that they will not spread the disease.

In the eyes of the international community, these measures were very harsh but it caused a great success!

The result was wonderful, the virus was controlled and its spread was prevented, and because of the epidemiological investigation teams, the areas where there were infections were prohibited, but in the rest of the cities life was partially normal

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In less than two months, the number of injuries was reduced to less than one daily in this country with a population of more than 10 million people
This success continued until it came that no injury was recorded for a week, although 20,000 examinations were performed daily, but the result was negative.

It was wonderful. Jordan was congratulated in all countries of the world, and some countries demanded that Jordan's successful experience be transferred to all countries

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Corona virus is dormant but not dead

The success in preventing the spread of the virus resulted in the easing of strict measures at airports and border crossings in Jordan
Within a few days, the number of injuries increased again, but this time in all cities of the Kingdom, and this made the idea of isolating the affected cities impossible.

In the months that followed this setback, the number of injuries in Jordan doubled until the barrier of 5,000 a day jumped, and the cumulative number of injuries reached more than a quarter of a million injuries in a short time.

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We have to be careful

Today, many vaccines have been discovered that are expected to treat this virus
But will life return to its previous normal?

Will the countries open their sectors, as Jordan did?

Does this mean the end of the disaster or is it the beginning of a disaster for leaders more destructive of societies and economic sectors?

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There is no doubt that we have to be more careful in dealing with vaccines, especially with the presence of companies that claim to have developed treatment quickly, but the goal of these companies may only be profit.

Therefore, governments around the world should be more careful in dealing with the matter