All of us are searching for self-reconciliation and reconciliation with others, but how can we achieve that? How can one of us be the master of every situation he is exposed to? How do we get to the stage of confirmation in embarrassing situations?

Many questions concern us and touched our brains in dealing with others so that, you can be the owner of the lead in every conversation and have the ability to control mechanism and the route of the talk in any field, then you should:

  • Be a good listener, through some physical and visual signs, so that the speaker can feel his importance
  • Be calm and patient in any setting.
  • You should be full of self-confidence because it is the basis of your conversation with others.
  • Be in control and be the one who decides the topic of the conversation because you are not forced to hear a topic you are not interested in.
  • practiced the mechanism of controlling the opening and closing of the subject and directing every speech to serve the interests of the subject.
  • Do not have a lot of care for anyone. He has abilities and skills more than you, regardless of his scientific, material, or practical stature.
  • Feel your interlocutor with interest through expressions of affection.
  • Choose your words in size and type, i.e. choose the best and shorten them, because human nature loves to be shortened (article continue below)
Efficient Learning Tips
While learning is essential, what more important is understanding the scenario we are trying to understand. After all, what’s the point of learning if we can’t even focus, right? So we have to be efficient at the same time.

If you look at human nature you will find the basic thing is (the heart), if you look more at the meaning of the word (heart) in Arabic culture, you will find that it fluctuates from case to case. when you are sitting on your balcony and sip coffee with someone, so you will find an explanation for your calm. The opposite of that you will know exactly why you feel angry and grief when you get blame sentences from your manager. Through these two positions will find that your heart, when exposed to positive feelings, will send happiness and joy orders. When you receive negative words, your heart will send orders to anger and grief. So, you have to take care of your heart and resist everything negative to the extent that you can resist, and be in control of the status of your heart. Make yourself a master of yourself, and refuse to be ruled by anybody, and at the same time be the owner of beautiful words, and avoid breaking the feelings of someone, be as a book can not be read by others, don’t allow someone to tamper with your character. (article continue below)

Learning a Foreign Language Using Self-taught Tools
A foreign language welcomes us from many perspectives; it helps open up new job opportunities. We can’t always visualize ourselves having a lot of money and investing exorbitant amounts at different levels, courses, or ways to learn languages to communicate.

Conversation and debate are a necessity and no one can escape from them, and live alone, so do not choose isolation, the inability to meet others. educate yourself to be proactive to start talking. One of the Greek philosophers said: "spoke to see you" do not choose silence because of your limited ability to supply any talk and your fear to say wrong. Do not be careful in your relationship with others turning yourself from a living organism to a machine.

Speak and express everything that is going on in your mind, do not bother with their reaction just interested in your actions only. Make your relationships with others and start to create bridges of love and intimacy away from hypocrisy and attract the attention of others, grow friendliness wherever you have gone.

You will need others and certainly, others need you, so do not make this requirement stems from the need. make it emerge from the mutual events and love and happy times between you and the others. The most important thing that you must reach is the upgrading of self-development which is to reach the degree of belief that you are a valued person because it simply must know that people look at you through your lens as you see yourself. make yourself in your eyes the most beautiful image, and this is the basis of self-confidence and its fountain.

You have to know that every person has potential and abilities and it is stored in him as a non-activated icon. The way to activate it is you are the only person who is responsible for them and a mechanism to make it effective and you are determined. The degree of its importance, choose the best ways to unleash your potential in a way that is loved by you and others.

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