The coronavirus is a rather delicate subject that requires importance in the family sense and in the inner sense. Globally, many families have been affected and totally devastated by the pandemic of the coronavirus which is not an easy issue for many.

Even the wealthiest and most affluent families have been put into extreme situations where they have to deal with various problems related to the pandemic and how this global pandemic is affecting their mental states all around the world.

The coronavirus pandemic is an issue that encompasses many problems, especially in households where many people have been left without jobs and without ways to provide basic necessities in their homes.

If we talk about the economy on a global level, the coronavirus has greatly affected the economy of many countries. The global pandemic has limited the overall production of many businesses and companies, which has greatly affected many hard-working people and their markets.

Many people have attempted to deal with this situation calmly. 

As a consequence, the coronavirus global pandemic has reduced the production of raw materials in many companies and countries, as well as tourism areas and domestic consumption in many countries, bringing along economic consequences.

It is known that various international organizations such as the Organization for the Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have warned that the global pandemic may reduce the world economic growth over time.

Knowing that we are in a very difficult situation, many states worldwide have been forced to add large amounts of money to keep the "National System" working, so that people who have temporarily lost their jobs and are out of work can continue to be paid to pay for their bills and basic needs such as electricity services, food and basic necessity products.

Supplying basic necessities and food is important for survival in a pandemic. 

On the contrary hand, we have the example of France, which is a country that has been announcing that they have already suspended the payment of many bills such as rent and general services such as electricity, gas and water, while the country itself takes over the payments of all bank credits for the people who cannot take care of their bills due to the global pandemic that the world is going through.

We know that especially the youngest children have been the ones who have gone through a quite complicated situation where their education has been interrupted and they have been subjected to the different measures of prevention and containment of the coronavirus pandemic.

Even the youngest children are known to be at a much greater risk of suffering mental health problems, physical violence or family violence, and even dropping out of school, which will have many worse consequences in many of the poorest countries that face the situation of the global pandemic today.

In fact, the global pandemic is affecting mostly older people who already had been showing previous illnesses. However, there have been many cases of infected older people but few cases of children infected by the coronavirus. This global pandemic has been affecting children in the recreational and creative environment in which the youngest grow up and develop.

The global coronavirus pandemic has physically and mentally affected many people around the world. 

Over time, the coronavirus is known to be negatively impacting many of the world's most advanced economies, also with the passage of time this can have especially devastating consequences in less developed and poorer countries.

Many people have stated that currently all human beings are facing the worst health crisis of the entire generation. The new virus known as Covid-19 has showed so far so many infected people all over the world.

There are currently:

  • 50,266,033 confirmed cases of Covid-19.
  • 1,254,567 deaths reported to the World Health Organization (WHO).


The coronavirus has spread to many parts of the world changing the lives of many children and adolescents, corresponding equally to all families of the lower and higher classes.

The coronavirus pandemic is both a health crisis and an economic and social threat that has created many extremely challenging situations particularly for the most vulnerable people who cannot cope and deal with this difficult situation.

The future global coronavirus pandemic for teenagers, children and families will be quite critical and devastating with many isolates, illnesses and sick people, fearing the loss of life and fear of the outside world will be a difficult factor.

The World Health Organization and various other agencies such as the UN, also entire governments in many countries in collaboration with UNICEF are leading preventive and collaborative actions in different affected countries, providing assistance and support such as hygiene kits and medical supplies for different health centers.

The global coronavirus pandemic has put the survival of many families who were not prepared to face this new situation in risk, which is a difficult situation for everyone. Isolation and confinement based on the coronavirus has put a lot of families in a very difficult and unique situation.

Many families have been forced to spend 24 hours together in their homes, which is a stressful and overwhelming time for many. But it has also been considered as an opportunity to overcome and survive this difficult stage of the pandemic in all our lives.

We have to know and recognize that panic is not the best way to deal with a pandemic; as human beings it is quite important to know how to take things, to manage time and to know how to manage and spend our money, if we are dealing with economic problems and issues in our families, eventually, we may be able to see the positive side of things, we can spend more time with our family members which is an important thing to do to strengthen family ties.

Using masks and maintaining a good hygiene against bacteria and coronavirus is of utmost importance. In order to keep the virus out of the home, we must keep a proper hygiene and cleanliness must be maintained. Hand washing is often very important.

Everything in this situation is not easy to deal with, we must know how to deal with problems and knowing how to handle stress in a more relaxed way, also is important to try and keep things under control. The more peace there is in a house the better things will flow.

Many people have had to look for other ways and means of earning an income in order to survive during this global pandemic, and it is no secret that a pandemic is considered as a bucket of "cold water" even for the most humble of families.

There are households and even different families that do not know how to deal with a global pandemic situation. Dealing with a pandemic is not an easy job, but we can always know how to get things under control.

There are different factors that in conclusion are quite important to know how to survive during difficult times when we are not ready or feel prepared.