In many people's lives, pets become as important as a loved one or family member. When they are lost, die or are injured, the concern of their owners for these animals is great, such is the case of Eddie Collins, a resident of Tucson, Arizona.

Eddie Collins lost his beloved pet Jenny. Jenny is a two-year-old Chihuahua. In the month of April 2019, both of them were spending some time outside when Jenny completely disappeared and her owner did not locate her or could not find her anymore, therefore he was very worried as Jenny means a lot in his life.

This man was near a busy avenue and at the time he didn't think he would let his beloved Jenny out of his sight for a moment.

After losing his pet, Eddie Collins decided to start an immediate search and continue it every day throughout the Tucson area where every place he went he would post a picture of his dog along with the information that he would give a cash reward if his dog was found.

What most caught the attention of social networks were the words of this man when he was stating that for him it was not about material things or money, but it was about his dog Jenny which he had lost.

On News 4 Tucson, this man appeared and commented that he had searched everywhere he went, in his search he also added that he would go to the dogs' shelter every day to make sure that his Chihuahua was not there in case that she had been rescued by anyone.

It is a fact that, for many people, animals are not just pets but are part of their lives and are family.

Eddie Collins became so desperate and overwhelmed that he decided to make the drastic decision to do whatever it took and stated that he was willing to give up a piece of land with a house and a workshop as part of the reward, in addition to the cash he had already offered earlier in his search for Jenny.

It is no joke that this man is completely willing to give whatever it takes to get his dog Jenny back.

This man, humbly supported by all his resources, he has also stated when interviewed that, he was willing to give the land, the garage and the trailer.

Despite the fact that he has lost his little pet, the peculiar way in which Eddie Collins is expressing his desperation and anguish to recover his dog has attracted the attention of multiple social media because of the fact that this man is completely determined to give everything he has in order to recover his beloved pet.

It is known that, in social networks many people felt very sorry and even decided to take the initiative to actively publicize Jenny in all possible ways and means to create a movement in which they would be part of the help in search of Eddie Collins' Chihuahua.

Jenny is part of Eddie's family and he will not give up until she is found.

By offering everything he owned as a reward, this man managed to attract the public attention of many people in order to find her in the area where she was lost.

The search message was the following:

"Can you help me? Have you seen me? I was taken from Circle K. My dad is looking for me. If you help me get home, he will give you a one-bedroom house, a workshop and land. If you know where I am, help me get home safely and it's all yours. My name is Jenny."

As of today, absolutely nothing is known about this case and many people were left wondering what happened to this man desperate for his pet and if she was finally found or remained lost to this day.

The whereabouts of Jenny are still unknown and the only thing that is known about it is that, her owner is quite desperate to find her.

This was of great virality in social networks even after two years since this happened.

Pets in many people's lives mean an extra member of their families or part of their lives.

Having a pet has different benefits in people's lives, starting with feelings, pets offer us their affection, they do not judge, discriminate or question our physical appearance.

In the same way, pets help many people who live alone to avoid the feeling of being without any company, pets will always be by our side to make us smile or laugh.

  1. Having a pet in the home helps the person feel more self-confident and protected. It can also help to avoid states such as depression due to feelings of loneliness.

Since their company stimulates physical contact and communication. They may not talk, but with total certainty, you are not alone with them since they offer you warm company.

2. They alleviate depression
Depressed people do not feel the desire to relate. When a person bonds with a pet, they have a reason to get out of bed. Any depressed person may feel like doing nothing, but when this person has a pet, this person knows he/she must feed the pet or walk the pet outside if it's a dog.
Often, the depressed person does not vent to anyone, but may feel able to talk to his or her pet.
3. They increase the feeling of happiness
Pet owners, after sharing some play time, experience an increase in oxytocin, the production of serotonin and dopamine which is stimulated, at the same time that cortisol decreases; all these hormones help to reduce stress levels and are a good antidote against depression.





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