There are different superstitions about black cats especially because in the past the cat as a pet, began to be related to dark/deep areas and techniques of witchcraft and all its related branches in many parts around the world and likewise in many parts of the world the black cat was seen as a symbol of bad luck as well as a symbol of good luck. However throughout Europe at those ancient times when witchcraft was a widespread issue with many women, black cats began to be targeted as a reference point for bad luck and negative experiences.

According to different popular and widespread beliefs brought from Europe all black cats are carriers of negativity and bad luck and it is even said that when any person meets a black cat it has a strong meaning that a terrible thing may happen at any moment.

However there are some countries like Scotland where if a black cat comes to the door of your house and enters in your life, this is considered as a term of good luck and positivism, specifically in many homes where they consider that good luck is related to black cats.

When we talk about history; in the past, all black cats were symbolically associated to the branches of witchcraft and evil; in many occasions other dark colored animals were also feared since many people commented that these animals were relatives of people practicing witchcraft or dark magic.

Many of the black cats oftenly carry the unfair belief or myth that they are bearers of any bad luck in addition to other false thoughts or beliefs that are related to their breed or hair color.

Even today, the erroneous superstition is still present, it is said that all black cats are related to bad luck specifically in the United States and in European Continent; it is known that even if a black cat is considered and related to bad signs, negativism and bad luck, there are some countries like Scotland, Japan and Great Britain that consider that any black cat is synonymous and meaning of good luck and prosperity.

Many people know the fact that all black cats in many occasions do not have the same luck as other cats when they are adopted by a person who considers them unlucky just because of their type of color.

The problems and disadvantages of black cats at the moment of being adopted are related to their dark colors, this not only affects cats but also dogs, besides the superstitions, the black color is not a favorable point for many people since in many areas these colors are related to animals as negativism and bad luck.

Since Ancient Times and since the Middle Ages, in many cultures began the superstition and myths that all black cats are related to sorcerers and witches and therefore brought bad luck, and in relation to this there are many more likely that a cat that is not black has been adopted than other cats of dark colors. Many of these false and erroneous superstitions beliefs assure that many Black Cats bring bad luck and many people are in consideration advice that it is better that people do not cross with black cats since many popular beliefs assure that these colored animals do not bring good luck in the absolute and that it is recommended not to have any contact with them.

In the past, many of the black animals were actually executed by people who had the myth and wrong superstition that they gave bad energies and caused many people to experience signs of bad luck, even when many of the black cats began to be killed, the diseases related to mice, bacteria and viruses, would spread more effectively and quickly because the cats as being responsible for killing and chasing the rodents, most diseases would easily spread to many people.

The most causes of the spread of many of the most serious diseases during past times was people having the false and erroneous superstition that black cats were the main cause of their problems or were related to bad luck and negativity, Therefore, the cats were the main ones in charge of counteracting the plagues and diminishing the diseases for the people and the risks that they could suffer when they came in contact with rodents carrying bacteria and harmful diseases for the body.

In the same way many people do not believe in this false Superstition that black animals bring bad luck but what is known and what is certain is that black cats are quite complicated to find a family to adopt them alfre other cats of different colors and many studies determine and affirm that the color of a cat or a pet is not something important to consider when choosing a cat or a pet. Black cats are less frequently adopted by many people than other cats of lighter shades and this is related to the breed, the types of colors and the reasons of many people to believe that black cats are bad luck.

Also, it is important to know that any pet, cat or domestic animal requires love, needs, appreciation and affection on the part of the person in charge of its care and false superstitions should not influence people's minds in any way, a pet is innocent and lives without notions of what their color or tonalities mean for the sight of people at the moment of adopting them or at the moment of giving them a home.