We can start talking about the situation in Venezuela, but how hard is everything for the people who live in Venezuela? Different situations just show the people that there is no future for the children and adults who are looking for a better quality of life and opportunity for jobs. Nowadays we know that as a matter of fact, a lot of people in Venezuela don't have stable employment or different ways to earn better and other ways to get resources and help at home. There is another crisis that shows how everything has been difficult for children who currently live in Venezuela and study there. Talking about the options of access to education, unemployment and the possibilities of social advance, parents in Venezuela try to raise their kids properly and with a good education. (Article continues below)

Crisis in Syria
The security services of regime stared using the power and the live bullets to disperse the protesters which sparked the feeling of Syrians to fight when the militia of the regime arrested many children and tortured them.

In Venezuela, the economic and social-political crisis has increased migration to neighboring countries within Latin America, including the United States of America, Europe, Mexico, and Argentina exponentially according to several recently published studies. Different statistics are showing that it is the young people in the demographic and geographical sector that has boomed in these years within Venezuela who have the most participation in the new and unexpected migration process.

Of 1,600,000 Venezuelans migrating from Venezuela, 90% are young students who go to another country in search of a better quality of life. It is the youngest people who have most of the time to make decisions and their bags to move to another country. Young professionals and entrepreneurs from an early age decide to leave their own country and try to try their luck in another country in search of a better quality of life even if it means they have to work in places that have nothing to do with their educational training or are not related to academic preparation. Due to different sources pointing to the Venezuelan crisis and the non-existent future within the country, many people claim that there are a huge number of young entrepreneurs, students and adults who can give Venezuela even more. Still, the country is not prepared to return something for the benefit of it.

Young people in Venezuela have expectations of studying, graduate and prepare to get a good job both at home or abroad so that they can develop and overcome work in addition to having optimal associative conditions in the country where they live. Still, Venezuela currently does not count or offer optimal conditions for young people to achieve these goals and be worthy of accomplishing a general-purpose goal. According to the National Youth Slope in 2013 results, it was possible to report that the vast majority of Venezuelan youth by 73% did not plan to move to another country abroad. However, 27% of the entire population had ever thought about it because of the crisis and the situation the country is going through. In research backed by the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela, they manage to emphasize that there are different factors of this economic and social type that relate to the crisis that the Venezuelan country is going through. Firstly as the reason that would encourage young people to immigrate to another country because of the problems facing the country in different areas, with secondly interest in study abroad for social and labor development.

Insecurity, Looting, and Robberies in Venezuela
Crime and theft in Venezuelan state are seen very often as a more prominent problem affecting millions of people in this country where hunger, needs, and poverty are seen on every corner.

When young people in Venezuela migrate, it is because something very serious is happening in a society and not only in society but in the country. Statistics up to 2010-2015 in Venezuela showed that the intention to emigrate in Venezuela increasingly the social crisis, on the social scale, by 15% corresponding to the poor social classes had as a goal or idea to manage to immigrate to a foreign country in search of a better quality of life. In addition to that, almost half of this population who intended to emigrate to another country could not identify any cause or identify a problem immediate emigration or where they would like it.

However, due to the situation in Venezuela, the migration pattern has changed over time. In recent years, the migration pattern of a few years ago that was described as low, now emigrates all kinds of Venezuelans and prefers to leave either way in Venezuela in search of better job opportunities and hopes that the country will improve someday. Many people prefer to leave the country rather than suffer from insecurity and scarcity, increasing the crisis and maximum poverty in Venezuela.

Today, saying the results that point to a general conclusion, coming from different sources of many surveys, reporters and newspapers, ensure that many results on Venezuelan immigration and asylum seekers in different faraway countries, specifically in the United States, show that today most Venezuelans want and yearn to leave the country for obvious reasons related to education, the scarcity, poverty and insecurity they are facing their native country.

Many of the young people who have stayed in the country are fighting for the future and well-being of the country, for a better quality of life and for everything to be solved. Everyone expects everything to change. Those young people who have faced protests bullets of fire and tear gas in marches and protests are the result of many injustices in a single country. Hunger in Venezuela is a factor influencing the crisis. It is one of the many reasons that make young people want to leave the country in search of study, work and well-being.

Witchcraft and Occultism in Venezuela
Santería is a religion of Caribbean origin that specifically mixes both African and Christian rites in which the procecerous of South American independence, the Liberator Simon Bolivar, is venerated among other deities.

Venezuela at this time according to the crisis, brings, as a result, different factors that apply to the social structure. The country is running out of new forms of production, education and development, where the percentage of people leaving the country is higher than that of the inhabitants who stay in the country. Venezuela is currently in a critical situation that does not accompany relationships of hope for living within the country, the minimum payments of any profession that should be well paid are meager and food is not achieved or is excessively expensive as are products of primary necessity, due to the crisis facing Venezuela. Youth are significantly affected by many factors. In a country where the future is lost, there are no opportunities for work or self-welfare but poverty and misery.

Many of the young people who are still in Venezuela are still waiting for everything to be solved. They are the young people who have hopes in Venezuela and that the critical situation they are going through will be resolved soon. The youth in Venezuela who have managed to immigrate to other countries are the people who everyday fight for a better situation for their families, to be able to provide a plate of food in households that need outside help and for a better quality of life for young people who are the most affected living in Venezuela.

In Venezuela, it is essential to note that today and in previous years according to the crisis, only 42% of the population and youth in Venezuela study for reasons influential to the economy. In recent times, Venezuela managed to record a new but fairly short expansion in access related to Venezuelan education, managing to reveal that there are low levels of coverage to different places where education does not reach or there is no process to be able to teach a huge crowd in extremely poor sectors, implying that many people want to study but cannot and others can study but do not want to attend a school or educational institute.

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