The famous black fungus is now called black fungus in India and is considered a nightmare within the coronavirus pandemic itself.

It is known that, currently in relation to the coronavirus, there are thousands of cases of infected peoplelwith the black fungus, many patients had recently recovered from the coronavirus and later have developed the black fungus on that basis.

What is known so far is that, the black fungus is a rather strange infection which is caused by exposure to a fungus called Mucor, which it's usually found on plants and also in most vegetables that are in a terrible state of decay or decomposition.

This is mainly found in most soils as well as in the air. This infection has been having high risks to the human bady, it affects the brain and lungs and has also become a potentially deadly threat in most people who are already diabetic or patients with sexually transmitted diseases.

What is the cause of this infection?

It has been believed by physicians that it may be related to compounds that are used and employed in the treatment of most severe patients suffering from COVID-19.

What is known about these compounds is that they significantly reduce inflammation in the lungs and help with the damage and consequences that people with coronavirus have on the immune system.

Currently, in India, it is quite a worrisome infection as this is one of the countries with a second brutal wave with infected people related with Coronavirus cases. Although it is also known that it has not been as serious as other cases, hospitals and care services to people have still been completely full and busy as never before because of this rare infection called the Black fungus.

This infection isn't contagious at ALL.

It is known that it is not contagious, a completely healthy person without hereditary problems can not get this type of disease. This infection also occurs in other countries and many cases have been reported in countries such as:

  • Chile
  • Uruguay
  • Egypt and Iraq (Source by:

The cases of patients with black fungus infection are delicate, as it was known that there had been a considerable decline in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases.

Most people with black fungus infection have a very low and weak immune system.

In India many people have been severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic and are now in struggling with this unknown and rather strange infection which is categorized as a worrying problem related with the cases have alerted the people of India and the health authorities in the whole country as this comes to affect all people who have coronavirus or patients who have already completely recovered from COVID-19 but still have a rather weakened immune system.

This situation is quite alarming, almost 9000 deaths have been reported due to black fungus among patients who had already recovered and were in a stable state of health. (Source:

This rare infection has a mortality rate of approximately 50%, yet the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, States that this is an infection that is not contagious and therefore cannot be transmitted between humans or animals.

The Indian Ministry of Health stated that this infection starts from the skin and then progresses through the nose of the victims, then to the eyes, and then to the teeth.

The worrying thing about this infection is that it has had a greater impact on people with a rather weak immune system or who were in a period time of recovery, therefore it is considered a very alarming deadly infection in India and neighboring countries.

In India, another factor that has had a major influence on the increase in cases has been the lack of vaccination in the inhabitants of that country, just like Russia, India has a large population that simply has not been vaccinated for two reasons:

  • They are distrustful of the government or simply do not feel safe to inject themselves with a foreign vaccine because they believe it could be dangerous or even kill them.
  • There are no vaccine doses in the country which means there is a critical shortage of vaccines.

This infection called mucormycosis is an uncommon infection caused by the mucor mold that has always been found in plants, manure, soil and decaying vegetables. This infection severely affects the brain and lungs and has become life-threatening for people with AIDS, cancer and weakened immune systems.

All people in India who have suffered from this infectious fungus report symptoms such as nosebleeds, swelling, pain in the eyes, blurred vision, and many have even lost their eyesight. It is called the black fungus because patients also get black spots around the nose and on other areas of the skin.

Many doctors in India have confirmed that most of the patients have had to lose their eyesight due to this Black Fungus which is extremely dangerous, if the Black Fungus is not treated in time, it has serious consequences in those who get affected, it has been stated that, if the eye is not surgically removed, the infection will directly affect the brain and can take away the life of any victim of this.

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There is a drug that is effective against this disease and it is an intravenous injection that acts as an antifungal treatment and costs approximately $48 which is equivalent to 3,500 Indian rupees.

This infection severely affects the eyes, nose and on many occasions tries to reach the brain, it is for this very reason that doctors in India have to remove one eye as well as both eyes of the victimas to ensure that the person can live and not die due to the brain becoming infected.

This is an electron microscopic image of the 1976 isolate of Ebola virus. The internal structures of the filamentous particle are visible, including the nucleocapsid and other structural viral proteins, and the outer viral envelope is covered with surface projections. The characteristic “6-shape” of the virus is evident. See PHIL 23185, for a black and white version of this image.

Many of the cases of people infected by the black fungus are inaccurate as it is totally difficult to know how many people are still infected, how many are still in treatment and how many have died due to this terrible infection.

Only a small part of the Indian population manages to get to the hospitals to get medical assistance, the other part of India does not have access to medical services because they live in rural areas and far away from hospitals.