Rather than trying to impress others, the first thing to do is to develop your own ethics that what automatically will work for the first one. But, it is very strenuous to go against the flow. The way you learn something affects on how well you learn it and how well you master it.

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And, almost everything has different ways of learning that easily and effectively. Those roads are not easily found before placing a step on anything. What is needed is constant learning effort and proper use of time. And one thing really works here :

If one finds ways to learn or become proficient in something, one will not easily share it with others. Believe me, you and I all of us will never want to share it easily. And, it is kind of inherently happens. No matter how great you are as highly as a paid student!

Interestingly, there are many positive aspects to it. Because, there's no CERTAINITY that one's strategy will work for others . Plus, it prevents to rush while learning anything new. The biggest benefit of this is:

It helps to develop one's own ethics. And which is mostly an urgent prerequisite.

Even so, who share their ways selflessly in order to helping others, they always deserve love  for sure :)

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