Telegram is an application that for many is an advantage when having to send an instant message and being able to be sure what can be deleted later no matter how much time has passed, unlike WhatsApp that, after some minutes have elapsed, messages can no longer be deleted for the other person with whom you are having a conversation.

And it is not just Telegram being better in that, this application has different modes and features that help anyone have access to movies, series, songs, etc..

The access to movies and series is through servers or channels where people publish everything for free for the public who can not pay or afford streaming services such as:

  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Hulu
  • HBO Max
  • Sling TV
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Peacock
  • Fubo TV
  • Crackle

and other online streaming platforms.

Telegram has also been really useful and serves as a cloud storage for different things such as:

  • Photos
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Important documents.

Telegram being so useful has attracted the attention of many people to use telegram services. Telegram has as an option to let you save your photos, videos and important files so that you can access them through active Internet or your mobile Data.

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Telegram has become an application in which its users feel completely comfortable to express themselves and have no fears about their conversations getting read, this opens the way to infinite private groups and channels that Telegram offers the opportunity to create and delete at any time and any date.

One of the features in Telegram that differs from other applications is the ability to delete conversations for both people who are chatting, which means that, not only a part of the conversation for one person will be deleted but both people will have at the same time a deleted conversation depending on who decides to take the initiative to start deleting the conversation.

Telegram also offers an option to send voice messages with video implemented, this feature is used to send the so-called mini Videos which are an innovation of Telegram as it serves to listen to audio and at the same time observe within a circular bubble what the other person sending the audio does or is doing.

This platform is always being updated which is a good thing, it also offers a Chat feature called secret or hidden conversation, many people claim that this function is for unfaithful or cheating people, mainly because they send things without being saved, also it's used for NSFW pictures or explicit things without anyone's supervision.

Nowadays, more and more people are joining to use Telegram, especially in Latin America, where the instant messaging platform WhatsApp has stopped being used by most people and has been changed by Telegram, although many people consider that Telegram does not have the WhatsApp option to view statuses and upload statuses, it is still considered that it would be a good idea of the developers and administrators of the Telegram platform to add it to one of its many functions.

In other words, Telegram, working as a virtual cloud totally free, offers the possibility of having, as an user, access to your photos, your images and your documents as well, always having access to them whenever and wherever you want, you can log into your account either by your user or by your phone number depending on how you have registered yourself to Telegram.

In Latin America, there are many more people today who are joining to use this new instant messaging network, it is because beyond offering many features and functions that simply other social networks do not offer, it is totally accessible and does not spend so much phone data from the rent of a cell phone, which is one of the biggest concerns of people who can't pay or afford much Internet data in countries like:

  • Venezuela
  • India
  • France
  • Bolivia
  • Ecuador and Peru.

Telegram and its team are always looking for new ways to implement awesome features for the entertainment of the users, there is even a function which lets users create their own stickers in a funny and entertaining way, even many people speak of the stickers that exist within telegram describing them as vulgar, rude and also funny, this is because Telegram gives you any kind of a sticker in the chat once you insert any random emoji.

Telegram offers the possibility of downloading in a much shorter period of time ANYTHING! simply using your Internet data or Wi-Fi Internet, compared to online streaming companies of movies and series, this feature is really cool which lets many people to have access to movies and series in real time and without Internet.

Having downloaded movies or series within a Telegram channel or a private server is mainly the idea of these servers where mainly the administrators of these groups are the people in charge of distributing the movies and series, as well as the most requested categories by the users.

It has even been said that Telegram has made competition to one of the most popular platforms in Latin America, North America, Africa and Europe, which is Discord.

Telegram with its innovations and features that have been implemented over time again have given people much to talk about and has shown its users and people who use Discord functions that previously had not been implemented in Telegram, features such as:

  • Making group video calls
  • Sharing the screen from the Telegram application on the desktop
  • Recording group calls

And also record with a new feature that Telegram recently implemented which is to record with a portrait mode very similar to the one that has the iOS operating system and that uses all their iPhones: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 7 Plus.

The battle over trying to determine which platform is better has always existed between WhatsApp and Telegram users, even so, it should be noted that Telegram's audience continues to increase constantly and this is due to the various functions that have been implemented to the platform, because it is constantly being updated to be better than the "competition".

iPhone X Screen

Telegram is characterized by having updated, innovative and easy-to-use features for its users, many people even claim that the WhatsApp platform leads the competition won, due to its function of sharing statuses between people, a function that Telegram does not have but probably will be added later, who knows?

People who previously had been using WhatsApp and switched to Telegram, may confirm that, Telegram is a more user-friendly, secure and complete platform; plus it offers fun features such as funny stickers, gifs, iphone or iOS emojis and even more, it allows you to send mini audios with video included.

What does Telegram have to offer to its users?

Telegram has an option of bots, which can be added, created and modified, these bots are found for the sole purpose of games, music, movies, telling the time, etc.

The bots of the telegram platform are quite similar to Discord bots, they were thought for the amusement of its users within the platform, or even to provide music, there is even a Telegram bot that automatically removes the watermark from the videos in Tiktok when saved by anyone, all this is done by the bot in a private channel within Telegram.

This instant messaging platform having bots becomes much more fun, practical and useful, the bots can be in charge of searching for music, videos, song lyrics, downloading music or playing diverse online games within its servers.

Telegram also offers the option to save any type of information in the channels of its users, where you can save from videos, photos to songs and important documents, from the cell phone or from the telegram desktop application on the computer.

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Messages within telegram can also be deleted for both people if so decided, they can also be edited.

Previously, telegram had that functionality but you still couldn't edit messages or delete them for both people chatting or having a conversation. This feature compared to whatsapp, doesn't leave any notification within the chat to the other person notifying them that the message has been deleted.

Telegram is also currently used with a way of spreading news, important information, sales of any products, clothes, food, etc.

In these groups people subscribe and get information on prices, location of the business or whatever they are going to buy, and even better, they see if the source is safe or if it is scam.