The alter ego in its definition from Latin that hints "another self" is a second personality that, over time, has been considered to be a personality totally different from the original of any human being. According to studies, alter egos are the transform of dissociative identity that was first described by various studies and psychologists experts in the subject of the transformation of different identities or multiple personalities. (Article continues below)

Sigmund Freud: Father of Psychoanalysis
Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, was born in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire in 1856. He was a child of a Jewish family. He had two older stepbrothers and seven younger siblings.

Currently, psychologists claim that people characterized by multiple personalities or "alter egos" are people who lead different lives or double lives regardless of the actions they perform or do not remember to have done these actions. A person with "alter ego" characteristics are related to concepts that are used for people with different personalities or other personalities with transformed identity behaviors to those who already exist or are present and are generally identities that are shown by people who present these identity problems.

In this article we talk about Piaget’s cognitive development theory.
Piaget is the first psychologist to work on cognitive development of children and is the first psychologist to take the ways of their thinking seriously.

In the progress of time, it was discovered explicitly by the famous hypnotist Anton Mesmer that many people usually began to exhibit different behaviors other than general ones at the time of acting, many people behaved in strange and slightly unusual ways. If we refer to psychology specifically, this term has been used to define a group of people who go and transform their identity in different ways depending on their thinking.

In conclusion, some people possess multiple different qualities in which they trigger an act without being aware of these personalities. Some people have altered egos and are not aware of their actions, but could even be said to develop other different qualities of personality alteration.

Someone's alter ego is a very different personality from the original and is generally regarded as another external personality. The word 'alter' comes from the ancient Latin meaning "others," which is a different way of being.

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A person with "alter egos" possesses personalities that are hidden and are not usually shown in public or in front of society, typically people with "alter egos" act indirectly and discreetly. Some people claim that they possess "alter egos" and claim that the created or generated alter egos carry different personal characteristics from the root of the creator that is discovered over time and in a personal analysis.

Inclusively, the concept is widely used to describe people or personalities that can be created in fiction or in real life. Due to the actions and characteristics that an "alter ego" presents, in many cases, there are similes in the facts or behaviors of people with an alter ego.

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