Life of  Sigmund Freud

Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, was born in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire in 1856. He was a child of a Jewish family. He had two older stepbrothers and seven younger siblings. Although his family was Jewish, Freud explained that he was an atheist, and his father respected it. Although he was affected by Gothe and he studied medicine even though he didn’t want to do that at first. In 1881, he graduated from Vienna University. He conducted studies in neurology. He met Josef Bruer while he was conducting these studies. In 1882 he started working with Theodor Meynert in the psychology clinic. Then started studies on cocaine and discovered the anesthetic effect. He used cocaine on his patients. He was also addicted to cocaine. He studied hypnotherapy and hysteria in Paris with Jean Charcot and used hypnosis in treatment processes. He translated Charcot’s conferences in German and published.

Freud redefined sexuality and used childhood processes from this. In 1902 he became a professor at Vienna University and built Community of Psychoanalysis. He had chin cancer because of smoke addiction in 1923. In 1938, he left Vienna, the city where he was born because of the Nazi threat and moved to England. He died in England in 1939. Upon his will, his ashes were put in Greek vase. [1],[4]

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Why is Sigmund Freud so famous?

  1. He is the founding father of psychoanalysis.
  2. He examined dreams and obtained findings on suppressed emotions.
  3. He put forward the theory of the unconscious mind.
  4. He defined id, ego, superego, and libido.
  5. His work influenced western philosophy and modern culture.
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In-depth of our unconscious mind, we have sources of our psychological problems. Psychoanalysis aims to remove these sources. Psychoanalysis seeks to make mental confusions gain new meanings and live with different experiences so that they gain new meanings. Patients describe their memories with random words that come to their mind. Psychoanalysts are just a guide. They help the patient to hear themselves. Sigmund Freud put the Oedipus complex at the center of psychoanalysis. [3]

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What is the Oedipus Complex?

Oedipus complex is seen in children. Children often fall in love with their mother or father at the age of 4-6. The name Oedipus comes from the Oedipus that was with his mother and killed his father in ancient Greek mythology. Elektra is when girls are jealous of their father from their mother[2]

So, what should we do when we encounter this kind of situation?

At first, we should know jealousy is a normal thing. Some parents do not show their love for each other because of this situation. That is so wrong. They shouldn't avoid showing their love, and kids have to understand that everybody has a role in the family.

Oedipus and Elektra will end when kids start to take a role in their family. We have to be kind to our children until this situation disappears.[4]

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