Are you feeling moody staying at home during quarantine? Why not do some Fun and amusing with Chemistry!! We are here to eliminate your boring time through some chemical experiments. It’s not just only about getting some fun but also a great advantage to teach your children about some basic chemistry Principles. Point to be noted here, you need to maintain each and every step with detailed. And, obviously you have to follow safety precautions with these exciting
experiments. For example, don't drink the hair spray cloud in #3. So, why we are being late to have some fun! Let’s jump into it.

1) Rocket Experiment :

Rocket Experiment

When it’s about doing some fun experiments for kids, you can’t omit rocket
experiment. Because, it helps your children to learn some basic chemistry as
well. For having this fun, you will need:

Reagent And Equipment:

1.     Baking Soda
2.     Vinegar
3.     A cork ( one kind of stopper )
4.     Some paper towel
5.     An empty clean soda pop bottle
6.     A launchpad of some kind

Step-by-step instructions:
Well! after having these ingredients, now it’s time to have fun.

1) Take a clean soda pop bottle of 2 liters size.
2) Pour vinegar about ¾ to one cup in the bottle.
3) Then take a small piece of paper towel that’s well enough to fold up.
4) Put 1 tablespoon of baking soda into that wrapping paper.
5) When you are about to launch your rocket, insert the soda paper-package a
    into the bottle.
6) Close the bottle’s door with the stopper. Next, turn the whole bottle upside
    down in the launcher.

You are done here. Just turn your body step back and wait for seeing how your rocket goes Mars.

Safety Precautions:
You must do it in a wide-open space. Use your gloves and glasses with all these experiments. Then you are free to go pretty so far times.

2. Colored Frame Experiment:

Colored Frame Experiment

Reagent And Equipment:

1.  bar­i­um ni­trate (10 g)
2.  lithi­um bro­mide (10 g)
3.  ethyl al­co­hol (96%)
4.  lighter
5.   alu­minum cups
6.   sodi­um chlo­ride (10 g)
7.   cop­per(II) chlo­ride di­hy­drate (10 g)
8.   stron­tium chlo­ride (10 g)

Step-by-step instructions:

1)     Set your aluminum cups on a clear table. The look of aluminum
        cup is kind of used as a candle holder.
2)     Sprinkle 10g of each salt into your cups at your will.
3)     Add 5-10g of 96% ethyl alcohol as a fuel.
4)     Light them all.

A few moments later, you will see each of your flame of alcohol into cup starts
giving a different kind of colors. Ain’t it awesome? OK, let's move into the last

Safety Precautions:
Make sure you wear protective gloves and glasses. You must do it in a well-
ventilated room. Observe, your safety rules when working with the fire and
flammable liquids.

3. “Cloud in a jar” Experiment:
This is very easy and an interesting fun.

Cloud in a jar

Reagent And Equipment:

1.     Ice
2.     1/3 cup of hot water
3.     Hairspray
4.     A jar with a lid

Step-by-step instructions:

1)  Pour the hot water into the jar.
2)  Swirl it around a while to heat up the jar.
3)  Turn the lid upside down.
4)  Place lid on the top of the jar.
5)  Put some ice cubes on the lid. And wait to allow it to rest about 20 seconds.
6)  Then remove the lid and spray some hairspray into the jar.
7)   Again put the lid with ice cubes on top of the jar.

Here we go! You will start seeing a cloud which is appearing. Then, when there
will be formed a decent amount of cloud. Remove the lid, and see how beautiful clouds are getting out awfully.

Safety Precautions:

Watch your jar if it doesn’t break. Take a wide flat plastic under the jar.

This is all about for today. Let us know your opinions on this Article. Have always fun. Enjoy Chemistry :)