1. Iraq Used To Have First Civilization In The Whole World. ( Mesopotamia )
  2. Iraq Used Have First,Oldest Army in The World ( made by Sargon of Agade) ( Sargon of Akkad )
  3. Iraq Used To Make The First Wheel in The World ( True potter's wheels)
  4. European parliament Is Designed As Tower Of Babel ( Which is In Iraq )
European parliament
European parliament
  1. Iraqi traditional Dishes Are ( Falafel, Kubbe, Biryani, Timman Ou Keema, Bamia, Hummus, Dolma )
  2. Iraq Is Top 4 Oil Producer in The World.
  3. Ottoman Empire Occupied Iraq For Around 400 Years.
  4. Iraq Used To be Secular When it Was Kingdom ( Great Britain Freed Iraq From Ottoman Empire and put a Royal Kingdom Family )
  5. Iraq used to have ( Baghdad Pact ) which made by Great Britain & United States Of America and The Members Were ( Great Britain, Iraq,Pakistan,Iran, Turkey ) To Fight Communism In There Countries Or To Solve Any Inside Conflict.
The Flag Of Baghdad Pact

                                           Members Of Baghdad Pact

  1. Iraq Has So Many ethnics Like ( Arabs, Kurdish , Yazidis , Mandaic, ETC )
  2. Iraq Has 18 Provinces , And It has Two Parts { Arab Part } & { Kurd Part }
  3. Iraqi Kurdistan Has Its Own Parliament, Army, Budget
  4. Iraq Used To Have Two Wars Against NATO
  5. Iraq Used To Have War With Iran ( For 8 years )
  6. Iraq Made The First Language ( Sumerians )