Halloween is a holiday that generally means All Saints' Day, it is a holiday of the day of all the souls that already departed from the earthly plane to another place or dimension, the afterlife, or some unknown place beyond human knowledge.

Halloween is related to the night of the witches and the spirits of the dead, in relation to the spirits, it is known that on halloween, the spirits celebrate their day and the witches do spells, evil, rituals and dangerous sacrifices.

Beyond the meaning of Halloween, every year, especially on October 31st, this holiday is celebrated globally by many people as the night of witches or the night where people can dress up in costumes at events, parties or places.

Also, in many countries, children in costumes go out trick-or-treating with the famous phrase and question of "Trick or treat?"

This festivity, is a typical celebration coming from Anglo-Saxon countries, even so, this tradition and festivity was expanding around the world, being known and coupled by different people, nowadays it is being celebrated by too many countries globally.


What exactly is the origin of this festivity?

Halloween exactly has its origin in the Celtic culture, and it is known that three thousand years ago the end of the year was celebrated on October 31st, date in which the superstition was believed that all the dead and spirits from beyond, would return to the earthly plane with a single purpose: to take over the souls of the living and terrorize people especially that night; long after, the tradition of Halloween is maintained but everything took a totally different turn to what it was before.

Halloween in the past

This celebration, known as the night of the dead, the souls or spirits, or witches' night, in the past was celebrated in a totally different way, most people in the past used different horror masks because they had the idea that this way they would scare the dead, others believed that they were camouflaged with the spirits that came to the earthly plane and thus avoid being possessed.

Tradition coming from the Celtic civilization

The Celts were a group of tribes that lived between the VIII and I centuries B.C., in Central Europe, they were people who were characterized by their rough aspects, they were warriors and possessed incredible skills as horsemen.

The Celtic tribes lived during the famous Iron Age and were autonomous peoples who also possessed similar cultural characteristics to neighboring Anglo-Saxon tribes, such as the Celtic language spoken in those ancient times.

The Celts believed that on the day of the dead, when the dead asked for something and it was not given to them, they killed those who denied them things, from here arose the famous custom of children on Halloween to dress up and ask for candy in the houses, from this belief of the Celts, we have the phrase "trick or treat".

This celebration has brought with it, the opportunity for many occultists to perform rituals both good and bad, this is known as the day of the dead and the powerful connection with them, which means that only on October 31 there will be a stronger connection with the afterlife and with the spirits that are not alive.

The same celebration arrived many years ago to the United States of America along with the Irish immigrants, who came with these customs and traditions typical of their tribes.

The celebration of Halloween has become a global business, a huge consumerism in what is related to parties, meetings, costumes of all kinds and categories and also the dark side of this celebration, which is:

  • Practitioners of witchcraft, dark and white magic who do their rituals, spells and works.