Syria is located on the southwestern part of the continent Asia. Syria overlooks the Mediterranean. It has border with Turkey, Iraq, Jordan , Lebanon , and Israel.

Syria is classified side by side with Iraq as the cradle of human civilization.The name of Syria is derived from the Assyrian language, in any case the historical region of Syria is different from the modern Syrian State in terms of extension and area and ancient Syria refers to Levant.

There are many races in Syria, the most of them are Arabs. In addition to the presence of Armenian, Kurds, Syriac and Turkmen .The official language in Syria is Arabic and there are Many languages spoken like Kurdish - Turkmen - and Armenian. There is an Arabic dialect for the people of Syria as well as the use of some French and Turkish vocabulary.

A local Syrian Market

Damascus is the capital the oldest city in the world or as it is known by the Sham (Levant) by the Syrians and Arabs. There are many historical attractions in Syria back to Christmas like the kingdom of Mary on the Euphrates river , the kingdom of Ebla in Idlib Governorate and Ugarit kingdom in the Syrian coast The Roman amphitheater in Bosra the capital of The Roman State which include  the southern part of Syria.

Roman Amphitheater in Bosra

The climate of the Syrian Mediterranean dry areas in the east where Syria is a beautiful tourist country by virtue of its scenic landscapes. There are a large number of resorts on the mountains and the coast, where the sea meets the forest including rivers, waterfalls, springs and lakes. In March 2011 it broke out protests against the regime as the part Arab spring.

As soon as the results the protests became difficult and it turned into a war of cities and fierce battles. The crisis has caused things from violent outbreaks to widespread destruction in infrastructure and the emergence of the Syrian refugees crisis inside and out side ,and damage archaeological sites,and almost a collapse in the economy Syria was a very beautiful country but before the war but now it is Homeless country and almost completely destroyed.

  • Written by Ali, a young Syrian Man who I correspond with Directly.