As you hear the word "Bangladesh", wasn't being called by this name right before 1971. Ordinarily, Pakistan had two parts before Bangladesh became independent. In the past, people used to call it "East Pakistan" instead of calling "Bangladesh". It was the time of 16 December 1971 when East Pakistan became liberated from Pakistan.

Then it became as newly independent state and got the name "Bangladesh". And Bangladesh is the only country in the world who fought for her mother's
language. It was a bloody liberation war that took thirty hundred thousands lives within just nine months. The previous story was too long to talk about.

Bangladesh Map

Primarily, there were two main periods, such as :  
1) The Muslim Period    
2) British Reign

Partitioning of Pakistan was the last action till now. We will take a long look at
its history later. Riverine country Bangladesh is also called as "Land of the
Bengals," which is the highly populated country in the world.

Dhaka City

Bangladesh is a super beautiful country in South Asia, and it's bordering with India and Myanmar. According to the world bank, Bangladesh is the tourist destination in the world. Although tourism is yet to develop so far. People from all over the world come here to have a wonderful time with her beauties. Here, I am going to enlist some of the best places where you will be lost yourself with
remarkable grace.

1. Cox's Bazar: It is the longest sea beach in the world about 155 km in length. It  is also the most popular tourist place among the locals in Bangladesh.

Cox's Bazar

2. Sundarbans Mangrove Forest: This is the biggest mangrove forest on earth. The last Bengali tigers are living here.

Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

3. Rangamati: "Kaptai Lake" is the place of Rangamati, which mainly attracts people to visit here. Also, people can get themselves around with lots of hills here.


4. St. Martin's Island: Visitors come here on a day trip typically. It might be also the best place to visit for beach lovers.

St. Martin's Island

5. Sonargaon: Sonargaon was the old capital city of Bengal in the medieval
period. It is abandoned with Marchant city and Panam nagar which attracts people to visit.


A bunch of tourist places is still waiting for you in Bangladesh. A little article can never cover them up all. We will have a vast detailed on it later.........

Traditional Foods:

Bangladesh is famous for its traditional foods. Once you taste it, you must fall in love with her all kind of conventional foods. And this is the main reason for
foreigners to revisit Bangladesh once they have them. From ancient times,
Bangladesh is famous for its different tastes of traditional foods.The most favorite foods are the following:

1. Rice and Fish: No doubt, these are the main foods of Bangladeshi people. They can't even live without rice and fish, that's why they are called "Machhe Bhate Bangali”.

Rice and Fish

2. Biriyani: People find biriyani all over the Indian subcontinent and some parts
of the middle east. But it differs from place to place generally for processing of
cooking and ingredients. Bangladeshi Biriyani has a different taste. In Bangladeshi biriyani, either beef or chicken is mandatory.


3. Panta Ilish: Ilish(Tenualosa ilisha) is the national fish of Bangladesh. Panta ilish is generally made of rice and ilish. It is the most traditional food of Bangladesh.

Panta Ilish

4. Payesh-Kheer: It is predominantly made of rice, sugar, milk. You may get it elsewhere, but Bangladeshi Payesh-Kheer has a different taste overall. And it's
famous too.


5. Roshgulla: It's a popular sweet item. In the 13th century, it originated in Bangladesh. Whatever, It is one of the most favorite desserts here in Bangladesh.


Traditional Dresses:

Bangladesh has gone through many rulers such as ancient Hindu rulers, the
nawabs, the Mughals, the British, and finally Pakistanis. In this broad
timeline, she has absorbed lots of their cultures and traditions. We are going to look here some of the Bangladeshi traditional dresses.

1. Lungi: When it's about traditional dresses, it will come to your eyes first is as called as Lungi. It is more known for it's comfort. It is a type of sarong. Sadly, this traditional dress is going to be just a casual dress nowadays.

2. Punjabi: It is one of the most famous traditional dresses of all time. From the Sultani era, it is usually considered inherited by Bangladeshi.

3. Fatuas: This looks like one kind of Punjabi with different styles.

4. Sari: It is often called Saree or Shari. However, it is a women's garment. It is used by Bangladeshi women as 2nd most used dress. It's a long piece of cloths.
Women wrap it around at their waist.

5. Salwar Kemeez: It's the most used dress by Bangladeshi girls. Though, it's originally the traditional dress of Punjab region.

6.  Burka: This dress is used by many Muslims women in Bangladesh. It is an enveloping outer garment. It is also known as Paranja in central Asia. It covers up body and face, which is worn by women in some Islamic traditions.

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