Ephemeral happiness is the feeling that many people get, coming from material things that in some way or another provide the same feeling of happiness that is not permanent and is considered as "ephemeral" because it is something fleeting and therefore is not something long term.

Any kind of happiness is achieved through positive energies to reach an own well-being within all the expectations of any person, these positive energies also allow individual growth in our daily lives.

Happiness is the emotional state of a contented, joyful or happy person who has the sensation of well-being with feelings realized and experienced when an achievement or goal is reached, this is mainly related to personal satisfaction.

It should be known and kept in mind that, money and material things are totally transient and will end with the passage of time.

But what can we understand about happiness and what it brings to a person?

To be exact, happiness is a feeling of well-being that helps people to be able to live in a more satisfactory way by improving their mood and health. It is known that our body can generate happiness hormones such as serotonin and dopamine that make the human body feel better and also improve the immune system.

By learning to be happy with the little things we can achieve many things such as:

  • Notice the little details in our lives
  • Enjoying the process of achieving our goals and objectives
  • Living our lives without thinking about the opinion of anyone else

What does happiness really mean for each person?

Actually, happiness can be based on different definitions, we can understand that happiness for each person can mean something totally different, each meaning of happiness has a quite different aspect for each of us. Still, if we are not happy or do not find true happiness, we may feel bored, overwhelmed, sad or depressed.

Every human being does not have the same happiness as others, what may make someone else happy may not be the same for someone else.

Your happiness can't become the same as someone else's, so, what makes me happy may not make you happy.

To be happy and find true happiness, we must know exactly the definition of what "happiness" means to ME in my life.

Money can't buy happiness but it can buy you this false feeling of happiness that is considered as a fleeting happiness.

Happiness for many people can mean different and distinct things. This is specifically related to the concept about what we have and if we are truly happy.

What each person has as a concept of "happiness" varies from completely different angles, people from different backgrounds have different opinions about how they understand happiness, whether they understand it as wealth, poverty, being in the company of loved ones, etc.

The true meaning of ephemeral happiness

What can ephemeral happiness mean to different people?
Ephemeral happiness can be a fleeting happiness that is not completely lasting, ephemeral happiness can last for short periods of time and is strictly related to money and the emotion of joy that money can cause in a person.

Generally, it is recognized that ephemeral happiness is something that is not lasting while true happiness can be related to long happy experiences, moments or lasting stages in the life of every human being.

If we take into account the small moments, the stages lived that may seem significant but are not, these are the moments that define true happiness, this kind of happiness that can't even be bought with money.

In fact, it is said that happiness is not bought by money, but there are many people who think differently to this thought, there are people who claim that, money can buy happiness simply by buying an expensive smartphone, a house, a luxury car or just clothes.

Ephemeral happiness goes far beyond what money can buy, it exceeds the limits and expectations of people who are greedy for money.

If there is one thing we can be completely sure of, it is that, for the most part, people who have everything in life, from:

  • Luxuries
  • Good food
  • Excellent comforts
  • Trips
  • Expensive clothes
  • Expensive phones, etc,

are not always content or happy because they simply see success as the engine that gives meaning to their lives and this shows that they are experiencing ephemeral happiness and equally do not know true and lasting happiness.

Basically, the little things are more important and long lasting, they provide happiness and special moments, these memories remain forever in our lives, such as for example:

  • The graduation of a loved one
  • The success or goal achieved by someone important in our lives
  • A baby's first words
  • A day full of laughter and good vibes with friends or loved ones

Indeed, there are many people with money who have committed suicide because they simply CAN'T find meaning in their lives and consider that so much money is not so important at the end of the day, but the real company that characterizes true happiness.

Simply put, superficial people are not happy because they have not yet found true happiness within themselves.

As thinking beings, we live with a purpose and not always the purpose seems to be the same, many people seek money as their source of happiness, others seek money to get cars or expensive things.

To maintain a balance and well-being it is important to note that, the mind is designed to follow what makes each person happy, so it really depends on any person who considers if money can buy themselves the true happiness.

Stock photo of the Business Man with a credit card by rupixen
It is not always the short-lived ephemeral moments that provide true happiness but the simple and easy things that do not require money or external things to be demonstrated and experienced.

Another important point is that, if we find ourselves surrounded by a negative environment, without a happy spark or vibe, we may experience unhappiness as our own feeling even though it is not; however, our happiness depends solely on our willpower and what we consider good for our well-being.

Although it is believed that happiness can be bought with money, this is completely false because although there are things like money, lasting and true happiness is that which is not influenced by money, but by love, good vibes and experiences.

In conclusion, true happiness is the one in which we discover that moments are simple, happy and pleasant for our lives, it is at this moment in which we discover that money does not buy happiness, but the good moments that remain engraved in our mind.